Hamvention® 2010

Indoor and Outside Fleamarket Booth Assignment Summary

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During the 2009 Dayton Hamvention®, the PCBoard.ca team created an online reference for both the Indoor and Outdoor flea market vendors. This was originally driven by the desire for a few friends to locate their friends and vendors from previous years. Since the original release in March of 2009, we had several thousand visitors to the site who also found the web tool an invaluable asset to locate their friends and favorite vendors.

For 2010, we will be at it again. Starting in mid-January, we have begun to incorporate the latest vendor information from the Hamvention® site back into our site. Keep in mind that the information presented here is publically available data from the Hamvention® web site, presented in a way for you to navigate much easier.

Are you wondering where a booth was in 2009? We have maintained the 2009 listing page also for reference and it can be viewed at our 2009 Dayton Hamvention® link page.

We want to thank everyone who takes the time to visit our site, and encourage you to share the information with others. Enjoy.

Below you are presented two options for selecting which set of booth you would like to look at, either the Indoor or Outdoor Vendors.

Commercial Vendors
Flea Market Vendors