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Indoor Vendor Booth Assignment Summary

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Indoor vendors at the Dayton HamventionĀ® are typically the larger commercial vendors hailing from around the world. Some vendors also have booths in the outdoor flea market as well, sometimes offering the same products at slightly less cost.

Booths are located in six main areas. The Main Hara Arena (HA), North Hall (NH), Audio Arena (AA), Silver Arena (SA), Ball Arena (BA) and East Hall (EH). Each booth address is prefixed with a pair of letters, which indicates the area the booth is located in matching the two-letter abbreviations from the six main location descriptions. Maps of the complex are usually available in your Program Guide you receive at the show.

Contacting Hamvention® Flea Market or Exhibitor Staff: We receive a number of email notes from people looking for their Flea Market or Exhibitor entrance and parking passes. We unfortunately are not affiliated with the Hamvention® team in any way and have no insight as to what is going on with tickets. All that we can suggest is that you contact the Hamvention® teams at exhibits@hamvention.org for indoor exhibit questions, fleamarket@hamvention.org for questions on the flea market and tickets@hamvention.org for general ticketing inquiries.

Indoor Floor Plans: We have located an indoor floor plan used a few years back. It is available now for download in PDF format.

Need to search the list? Most browsers have a built-in search function (usually press CTRL-F) and you will be given a search option.

This data will be updated on a regular basis, right up until Hamvention®. Don't forget to visit our Outdoor Vendor Booth Assignment page as well.

Hamvention® Booth Assignments
(updated May 15, 2012)
HA=Main Hara Arena  -  NH=North Hall  -  AA=Audio Arena (AA)
SA=Silver Arena
  -  BA=Ball Arena  -  EH=East Hall
Vendor Company Booth Number Registration Status Vendor Name
Booths Available For
Immediate Booking
BA0486 EH0556 EH0557 EH0558 EH0578 EH0585 EH0651 EH0652 EH0656 EH0657 HA0012 NH0129 NH0178 NH0190 NH0201 NH0240 NH0257 NH0258
10-10 International Net, Inc. BA0409 Paid and Reserved Gerald Gross
AA Computer Warehouse EH0564 EH0570 Paid and Reserved Abe Sheikh
ABR Industries NH0187, NH0188 Paid and Reserved Marc Abramson
AES Amateur Electronic Supply HA0026 HA0027 HA0028 HA0029 Paid and Reserved Tom Pachner
ALINCO / GRE America HA0054 HA0055 Paid and Reserved Raj Gounder
AMSAT (Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation) BA0444 BA0445 BA0446
BA0447 BA0448 BA0449
Paid and Reserved Gould Smith, WA4SXM
AMSAT - Keeping Amateur Radio in Space.
AMSAT designs, builds and controls satellites for use by amateur radio operators. In addition we provide many experiments and real time data for use by students to learn about and experience space science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
Air Chair EH0653 EH0654 Paid and Reserved Bob Hanna
Aircraft Dynamics Corporation NH0256 Paid and Reserved Mel Utrup
Alfa Radio NH0205 Paid and Reserved J T Mitchell
All Ohio Scanner Club BA0435 Paid and Reserved David Marshall.
Alpha Radio Products / RF Concepts NH0208 NH0209 NH0210 NH0261 Paid and Reserved Molly Hardman
Aluma Tower EH0525 Paid and Reserved David Neubauer
Amateur Accessories SA0344 SA0355 Paid and Reserved Steve Zahos
Amateur Radio / Video News BA0429 Paid and Reserved Gary Pearce
Amateur Television Network NH0236 Paid and Reserved David Stepnowski
American Radio Relay League BA4000 Paid and Reserved Bob Inderbitzen
Ameritron HA0081 HA0082 Paid and Reserved Steven Pan
Argent Data Systems EH0504 EH0505 Paid and Reserved Scott Miller
Array Solutions EH0606 EH0607 EH0608 EH0613 EH0614 EH0615 EH0620 EH0621 EH0622 Paid and Reserved Bob Naumann
Atlas Business, Inc. EH0555 EH0566 Paid and Reserved Lane Steinmetz
Aventrade NH0199 Paid and Reserved Alex Gong
Avmap Navigation NH0228 Paid and Reserved Don Arnold
B & B Embroidery SA0307 SA0308 Paid and Reserved Dave Birdsley
B&D Enterprises Inc NH0259 NH0265 Paid and Reserved Dean Peterson
Batteries America NH0121 NH0122 NH0127 NH0128 Paid and Reserved Mary E. Yost
Battleship New Jersey Amateur Radio Sta. SA0362 Paid and Reserved Margaret Burgess
Begali Keys BA0466 BA0467 BA0473 BA0474 Paid and Reserved Pietro Begali
Bird Technologies Group / TX RX Systems BA0413 BA0414 Paid and Reserved Andrew Johnson
Bonito - Radiocom - Computer International HA0048 Paid and Reserved Cord Schuette
Buckmaster Publishing SA0333 Paid and Reserved Jack Speer
Buddipole HA0016 HA0017 Paid and Reserved Chris Drummond
Byonics NH0223 Paid and Reserved Byon Garrabrant
C Crane Company NH0194 NH0195 NH0206 NH0207 Paid and Reserved Steve Rogers
CG Antenna EH0633 Paid and Reserved Feng Wang
CQ Communications, Inc. HA0074 HA0075 Paid and Reserved Chip Margelli
CW Operator`s Club BA0443 Paid and Reserved Don Greenbaum
Cablexperts Inc. EH0542 Paid and Reserved Nicholas Cosmano
Chameleon Antenna EH0625 Paid and Reserved Steve Deines
Click It Hot SA0340 SA0341 Paid and Reserved Brian Klein
Coaxial Dynamics BA0401 Paid and Reserved Joe Kluha
Collins Collectors Association BA0487 Paid and Reserved Ron Freeman
Computer - Jewelry LLC EH0626 Paid and Reserved Chuck Obermeyer Iii
Computer Automation Technology NH0217 Paid and Reserved Ronald Eichholtz
Comtek Systems HA0003 Paid and Reserved Alex Dolgosh
Copper Mountain Technologies EH0540 Paid and Reserved Sasha Fainberg
Courage Center Handi-Ham System SA0330 Paid and Reserved John Hoenshell
Cushcraft Amateur Radio Antennas HA0014 HA0015 Paid and Reserved Steven Pan
D-Oxit / Florida Hams Association BA0411 Paid and Reserved Ray Kassis
D.A.C.A.R. SA0309 Paid and Reserved Wally Wright
DC Power, LLC SA0352 SA0353 Paid and Reserved Wes Allen
DMR-MARC EH0509 Paid and Reserved Bill Barber
DX Engineering HA0000 HA0001 HA0002 HA0004 HA0005 HA0006 HA0007 Paid and Reserved Alex Dolgosh
DZKit NH0203 NH0204 NH0215 NH0216 Paid and Reserved Brian Wood
Davicom - Div. of Comlab Inc. EH0563 Paid and Reserved Guy Fournier
Dayton Area Mensa BA0422 Paid and Reserved Lori Balster
Debco Electronics NH0132 NH0133 NH0134 NH0135 Paid and Reserved Tom Case
Diamond Antenna BA0477 SA0363 SA0365 Paid and Reserved Merit Arnold
Dishtronix EH0572 Paid and Reserved Mike Dishop
Dollar Dude NH0179 NH0180 NH0191 NH0192 Paid and Reserved Dave Hinsey
Down East Microwave NH0226 Paid and Reserved Sandra Estevez
EZ Hang Inc. EH0588 Paid and Reserved Dennis Currence
EZNEC Antenna Software EH0514 Paid and Reserved Roy Lewallen
Ears To Our World EH0601 Paid and Reserved Thomas Witherspoon
Elecraft, Inc. NH0181 NH0182 NH0183 NH0184 Paid and Reserved Lisa Jones
Electronic Associates NH0220 NH0232 Paid and Reserved John Catterall
Electronic Products Design BA0478 Paid and Reserved Michelle Glidewell
Electronic Rainbow Ind., Inc NH0200 Paid and Reserved Ron Ross
Engelhaupt Embroidery SA0359 SA0360 Paid and Reserved Linda Engelhaupt
Expert Amps USA EH0547 Paid and Reserved Gianfranco I0ZY  Bob K5ZOL
Frosty K5LBU
The amplifiers with a PHD. 160 through 6 meters
SPE Headquarters is a company with private capital that operates on the TLC business since 1975 planning and realizing electronic systems with tall technological content. Founded in 1975 by Dr. Gianfranco Scasciafratti (I0ZY), SPE is a private company located in Rome, Italy. The firm is organized for facing the "core business" regarding the planning, the realization, the installation and the maintenance of its own products.
SPE, thanks to 35 years of experience and to the continuous adjournment of its know-how is able to offer innovative solutions and inexpensive products for its own customers demands. SPE has had quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 since 1996.
FISTS CW Club - International Morse Preservation Society NH0136 Paid and Reserved Nancy Kott WZ8C
FISTS CW Club - International Morse Preservation Society
Help celebrate FISTS 25th Anniversary! Twenty-five years of promoting the use of Morse code and still growing.
Flash USB Depot EH0623 EH0624 EH0630 EH0631 Paid and Reserved Colleen Dobbs
Flexradio Systems SA0312 SA0313 SA0314 SA0323 SA0324 SA0325 Paid and Reserved Greg Jurrens
Follrod Sales EH0658 EH0659 Paid and Reserved Joe Follrod
Force 12 HA0049 Paid and Reserved Mark Hooper
Foundation for Amateur Intl Radio Service BA0412 Paid and Reserved David Larsen
Futronics NH0198 Paid and Reserved Mike Gruss
G-QRP Club NH0241 Paid and Reserved Bill Kelsey
GAP Antenna Products, Inc. HA0030 Paid and Reserved Chris Lane
GRE America BA0440 BA0451 BA0452 BA0453 BA0454 Paid and Reserved Raj Gounder
Gemmagic EH0567 EH0573 Paid and Reserved Tana Rhodes
Gifts4Hams NH0120 Paid and Reserved William Stoltz
Global TSCM Group, Inc. EH0650 Paid and Reserved Gyo Seung An
Gold Medal Ideas NH0116 NH0117 NH0118 NH0119 Paid and Reserved Amy Kritzman
Great Products EH0527 EH0528 Paid and Reserved Susan Molnar
Green Heron Engineering EH0531 Paid and Reserved Jeffery Ach
HEIL SOUND LTD AA0102 AA0103 AA0104 AA0105 AA0106 Paid and Reserved Bob Heil
Hagerty Radio Co. SA0351 Paid and Reserved Hagerty James
Ham Nation AA0101 Paid and Reserved Bob Heil
Ham Radio Class HA0100 Paid and Reserved Mitch Stern
Ham Radio Deluxe / W4PC Software AA0100 Paid and Reserved Rick Ruhl
Ham Radio Outlet HA0020 HA0021 HA0022 HA0023 Paid and Reserved George Varvitsiotes
HamTown NH0264 Paid and Reserved Tom Wineland
Hamsource EH0545 EH0546 Paid and Reserved John Kalotai
Hendricks QRP Kits BA0459 BA0460 Paid and Reserved Doug Hendricks
Hilberling USA EH0648 EH0649 Paid and Reserved Marcus Ovando
Hy-Gain HA0024 HA0025 Paid and Reserved Steven Pan
ICOM America, Inc. HA0008 HA0009 HA0010 HA0033 HA0034 HA0035 HA0036 HA0037 Paid and Reserved Jesse Skipton
IZT GmbH NH0221 Paid and Reserved Marisa Schaffer
Idiom Press HA0013 Paid and Reserved Rob Locher
Information Radio BA0434 Paid and Reserved Norm Schrein
InnovAntennas America SA0310 SA0311 Paid and Reserved William Hein
International Antenna Company NH0260 Paid and Reserved David Landis
International Radio Corp BA0405 Paid and Reserved Trey Garlough
International Relations BA0437 Paid and Reserved Stephan Markland
Internet Labs, Inc. AA0096 AA0097 AA0098 Paid and Reserved Robin Cutshaw
JJ Surplus SA0322 Paid and Reserved John Costein
Jericho Prints SA0301 Paid and Reserved Bob Boehm
Jetstream HA0059 HA0060 HA0061 Paid and Reserved Roger Smallwood
K0XG Systems EH0520 Paid and Reserved Richard Bennett
K8RA CW Keys NH0244 Paid and Reserved Jerry Pittenger
KB3IFH QSL Cards NH0202 Paid and Reserved Randy Dorman
Kanga US HA0044 Paid and Reserved Bill Kelsey
Kenwood USA Corporation HA0050 HA0051 HA0052 HA0053 HA0070 HA0071 HA0072 HA0073 Paid and Reserved Phil Parton
LUSO Super-Techno EH5000 Paid and Reserved Kazue Shimoda
Lido Mounts EH0575 Paid and Reserved Jim Newcomb
Lightning Bond Adhesives EH0576 Paid and Reserved Harry Ness
Linux in the Ham Shack NH0131 Paid and Reserved John Woodman
Little Giant Ladder System NH0235 Paid and Reserved Jen Wakeland
LnR Precision BA0404 Paid and Reserved Larry Draughn
LNR Logo on PCBoard.ca The Par End-Fedz are a full length half wave dipoles, but with an important difference. The coax connector is at one end of the dipole, where it is most needed. These antennas can be mounted horizontally, vertically or as a sloper. No ground plane or counterpoise is needed. Portable operation could not be easier. Simply hang the far end from a tree limb, the coax is at the bottom. Hang it up in a hotel window or string it up in the attic. End insulators are supplied making suspension easy.
M2 Antenna Systems, Inc. EH0627 EH0628 Paid and Reserved Wyatt Lyzenga
MARS, Combined MARS SA0318 SA0319 Paid and Reserved Bo Lindfors
MFJ Enterprises Inc HA0062 HA0063 HA0064 HA0065 HA0066 HA0067 HA0083 HA0084 HA0085 Paid and Reserved Steven Pan
Mastrant EH0543 Paid and Reserved Martin Huml
Medical Amateur Radio Council Ltd. MARCO SA0361 Paid and Reserved Danny Centers
Metrotel Communications NH0193 Paid and Reserved Brian Esterman
Michigan QRP NH0242 Paid and Reserved Ii Stan Arnett
Micro Node EH0582 Paid and Reserved Mark Guibord
MicroLog by WA0H SA0339 Paid and Reserved Jerry Gentry
Microtech Electronics NH0218 NH0229 NH0230 NH0231 Paid and Reserved Marc Gaidosh
Mid-Continent Technologies NH0233 Paid and Reserved Tim Birnie
Midwest VHF/UHF Society SA0332 Paid and Reserved Tom Holmes
Midwestern Solutions SA0302 Paid and Reserved Brandon Molnar
Mini-Circuits BA0482 BA0483 Paid and Reserved Rita Moore
Mirage/Vectronics HA0080 Paid and Reserved Steven Pan
Morse Telegraph Club, Inc. SA0305 Paid and Reserved James Wades
N3ZN Keys, LLC EH0526 Paid and Reserved Tony Baleno
N4PY Software NH0227 Paid and Reserved Carl Moreschi
NCG Company (Comet/Maldol/Daiwa) HA0056 HA0057 HA0058 Paid and Reserved Mick Stwertnik
NN4ZZ TiltPlate EH0519 Paid and Reserved Al Ludwick
NW Digital Radio EH0515 Paid and Reserved Bryan Hoyer
National Communications BA0433 Paid and Reserved Norm Schrein
National Weather Service SA0320 Paid and Reserved Mary Jo Parker
Natl Federation of the Blind & The Unseen Bean SA0306 Paid and Reserved Gerry Leary
New-Tronics HA0031 HA0032 Paid and Reserved Michael Boyer
Newfield Design NH0164 Paid and Reserved Mark Pride
Northern California DX Foundation NH0253 Paid and Reserved John Miller
Nuts & Volts / Servo Magazine HA0045 Paid and Reserved John Lemieux
OMISS BA0441 Paid and Reserved Jack Hubby
Ohio Area Repeater Council AA0099 Paid and Reserved Jim Kvochick
Palstar Inc. EH0583 EH0584 Paid and Reserved Paul Hrivnak
Peet Bros. Company, Inc. NH0151 NH0152 NH0153 Paid and Reserved Linda Schultz
Pixel Technologies BA0488 Paid and Reserved Douglas Talley
PowerFilm Solar EH0541 EH0553 Paid and Reserved Pat Rundall
Prostar Batteries, Inc. BA0418 BA0419 Paid and Reserved Sam Jiang
QRO Technologies, Inc. BA0442 Paid and Reserved Ray W. Connin
QRP - ARCI NH0243 Paid and Reserved John Nelson
QSO Radio Show BA0403 Paid and Reserved Ted Randall
Qatar Amateur Radio Society BA0415 BA0416 Paid and Reserved Al Jassim Sabaan
Quarter Century Wireless Association, Inc. SA0328 Paid and Reserved Chuck Walbridge
Quicksilver Radio Products BA0462 BA0463 BA0464 BA0465 BA0469 BA0470 BA0471 BA0472 Paid and Reserved John Bee
R & L Electronics HA0038 HA0039 HA0040 HA0041 HA0042 HA0043 Paid and Reserved Roger Smallwood
R.A.I.N/160 Meter G.R.N./Newsline SA0329 Paid and Reserved Hap Holly
RF Parts SA0364 Paid and Reserved Merit Arnold
RFinder - The Worldwide Repeater Directory SA0343 Paid and Reserved Bob Greenberg
RS Supplies EH0510 Paid and Reserved Stanley Asher
RT Systems NH0248 Paid and Reserved Karin Thompson
Radio Amateur Callbook (ITFM) HA0046 HA0047 Paid and Reserved Thomas Gudehus
Radio Amateurs of Canada BA0436 Paid and Reserved Geoffrey Bawden
Radio City EH0536 EH0537 EH0538 Paid and Reserved Daniel Fish
Radio Club of America NH0225 Paid and Reserved Stan Reubenstein
Radio Works, Inc. BA0430 BA0431 BA0432 Paid and Reserved Jim Thompson
RadioWavz EH0551 Paid and Reserved Rochelle Hohensee
Radioware Radio Bookstore HA0076 HA0077 Paid and Reserved Craig Clark
Remoteshack NH0213 Paid and Reserved John Troy
Rescue Tape NH0262 Paid and Reserved Robert Laakkonen
RigExpert BA0468 Paid and Reserved Yuri Onipko - VE3DZ
Offering a great variety of modern Antenna Analyzers and USB Interfaces. The frequency range for Antenna Analyzers: 0.1 to 1000 MHz.
Rigol Technologies EH0511 EH0512 EH0513 Paid and Reserved Chris Armstrong
SCO Inc Software/Log Window BA0481 Paid and Reserved Leslie Scofield
Straight KEY Century Club (SKCC) NH0254 Paid and Reserved Ron Bower, AC2C (AC2C@SKCCgroup.com)
Dedicated to preserving the spirit of Straight Key Night
Sauder Electronics NH0123 NH0124 NH0125 NH0126 Paid and Reserved Kathy Sauder
Scanner Master Corp. BA0402 Paid and Reserved Richard Barnett
Scootaround Inc EH5010 Paid and Reserved Sue Kelly
Select Computer Resources BA0484 Paid and Reserved Erik Rivera
Sierra Radio Systems BA0406 Paid and Reserved Bruce Jewett
Sign Man of Baton Rouge EH0568 EH0569 Paid and Reserved Rick Pourciau
Sign Man of Ohio NH0219 Paid and Reserved Ron Kennedy
SilentSystem LTD Japan BA0420 Paid and Reserved Shinichi Nakamoto
Sinbad Glue BA0438 Paid and Reserved Cynthia Maffeo
Slinky Antennas SA0317 Paid and Reserved Don Waldrep
Solder-It Co. HA0011 Paid and Reserved Fred Doob
SteppIR Antennas Systems HA0068 HA0069 HA0078 HA0079 Paid and Reserved John Mertel
LNSteppIR Antennas Systems  
SuperAntenna EH0518 Paid and Reserved Vern Wright - W6MMA
Super Antenna Systems for HF/VHF/UHF - Portable - Stealth - Mobile - Base - Backpack - EmComm - Ham Radio - Marine - MARS - CAP - HF SSB - Gov - NGO - Commercial
New Product Release at Dayton: SuperPole DP2 Portable Rotatable Dipole Deluxe. Website http://newsuperantenna.com.
SuperBertha.com NH0196 NH0197 Paid and Reserved Scott Johns
Suspender Man BA0479 BA0480 Paid and Reserved Bob Coulbourne
Swiech Communication Systems EH0632 Paid and Reserved Eugene Swiech
Symplex Communications, Inc. EH0655 Paid and Reserved Tao Wang
T & M Atlantic EH0544 Paid and Reserved Tatjana Martin
T&M Atlantic distributes measuring devices and soldering equipment to the laboratories, R&D centers, colleges, universities, tech companies and to the general public. The majority of our products are sold under AKTAKOM trade mark. We are also offering several other brands.

Our Mission is to promote innovative, high-quality, reliable and easy to use measuring equipment. Our main goal is a Complete Customer Satisfaction.

We strive to become one of the leading suppliers of electronic measuring devices through a combination of newest technologies, affordability to the customers, ease of use and competitive prices for all our products.
T.G. Electronics NH0255 Paid and Reserved Timothy Gerdeen
TAPR (Tucson Amateur Packet Radio) BA0455 BA0456 BA0457 BA0458 Paid and Reserved John Koster
Tarheel Antennas NH0158 NH0159 Paid and Reserved Gaylen Pearson
Tech Bond Solutinos NH0130 Paid and Reserved Michael Coen
Telepost Inc. - N8LP EH0517 Paid and Reserved Larry Phipps
Ten-Tec, Inc. EH0548 EH0549 EH0550 Paid and Reserved Jim Wharton
Cubex Quad Antennas / Tennadyne Log Antennas EH0552 Paid and Reserved  
CUBEX provides the very best in electrical and mechanical design in performance with our cubical quad antennas. We are currently the only manufacturer offering a choice of our premium MK SERIES, PRE-TUNED QUADS, the "do-it-yourself" SKYMASTER KITS Series, VHF, UHF and 40 Meter Quads.    TENNADYNE has been providing the world with Log Periodic Antennas for over 25 years. The Log Periodic Antenna is the most effective and efficient single feedline, multi-band antenna available today. Models range from 10-50 MHZ. New to our line is our Broadbanded Folded Terminated Dipole Wire Antennas; models range from 1.8-30 MHz with power ratings up through 3000W SSB 1000W AM/CW/RTTY.
The Competition NH0263 Paid and Reserved Dan Merila
The R.F. Connection NH0155 NH0156 NH0157 Paid and Reserved Joel Knoblock
The Radio JOVE Project, Inc. BA0421 Paid and Reserved Melinda Lord
The Wireman, Inc. NH0160 NH0161 NH0162 NH0163 Paid and Reserved Deborah Atkins
Timewave Technology, Inc. AA0108 AA0109 Paid and Reserved Randall Gawtry
Tokyo Hy-Power Labs Co. BA0407 BA0408 Paid and Reserved Akiyo Sako
Totally Unique Enterprise BA0410 Paid and Reserved Kim Paxton
Tower Electronics NH0173 NH0174 NH0185 NH0186 Paid and Reserved Scott Cole
Transel Corporation SA0315 SA0326 Paid and Reserved Darrell Mckinney
Transworld Antennas, LLC EH0577 Paid and Reserved Gary Archer
UPS Store NH0165 NH0166 Paid and Reserved Scott Mowbray
US Postal Service / Dayton Stamp Club EH0503 Paid and Reserved Howard Smith
US Tower Corp. HA0018 HA0019 PL0001 Paid and Reserved Bruce Kopitar
Uncommon USA Inc. EH0565 Paid and Reserved Stacy Newman
Universal Radio, Inc. EH0506 EH0507 Paid and Reserved Fred Osterman
VIS Amateur Supply NH0211 NH0212 Paid and Reserved Theodore Van Iderstine
Vibroplex SA0303 SA0304 Paid and Reserved Scott Robbins
Voice of America Park and Museum NH0154 Paid and Reserved Dave Wickelhaus
W&W Manufacturing Co. EH0559 EH0560 EH0561 Paid and Reserved Jeffrey Weitzman
W2IHY Technologies AA0110 AA0111 AA0112 AA0113 Paid and Reserved Julius Jones
W4RT Electronics AA0114 AA0115 Paid and Reserved Ralph Peterson
W5YI Group-Gordon West Radio School NH0250 NH0251 NH0252 Paid and Reserved Larry Pollock
W7FG Vintage Manuals EH0530 Paid and Reserved Jeffery Ach
WRTC2014 SA0354 Paid and Reserved Doug Grant
Webster Communications Inc. BA0423 BA0424 BA0425 BA0426 BA0427 Paid and Reserved Roger Webster
West Mountain Radio EH0579 EH0580 EH0581 Paid and Reserved Amanda Rhyner
Western Case Company NH0249 Paid and Reserved Phil Medley
Wild Sage Jewelry EH0562 Paid and Reserved Paul & Natalie Mitchell
Winradio EH0640 EH0641 EH0642 EH0643 EH0644 EH0645 Paid and Reserved Tariq Hasnie
Wouxun Electronics NH0175 NH0176 Paid and Reserved Ed Griffin
Xtal Set Society, Inc SA0331 Paid and Reserved Patricia Anderson
YLRL/Buckeye Belles NH0234 Paid and Reserved Anne Manna
Yaesu - Vertex Standard EH0521 EH0522 EH0523 EH0524 EH0532 EH0533 EH0534 EH0535 EH0586 EH0587 Paid and Reserved Dennis Motschenbacher
YouandI Custom Cases NH0247 Paid and Reserved John Beadles
Youth DX Adventures SA0342 Paid and Reserved Don Dubon
grumpyshop.net EH0501 Paid and Reserved Gary Stock
Advanced Digital Cable NH0172 Reserved and Unpaid Edmon Wheeler
American Morse Equipment NH0246 Reserved and Unpaid James Bennett
Antique Wireless Association NH0224 Reserved and Unpaid Roy Wildermuth
BurkTek Inc EH0539 Reserved and Unpaid Cindy Burke
DL Industries, LLC NH0177 NH0189 Reserved and Unpaid John Hussan
Davis Instruments NH0237 NH0238 NH0239 Reserved and Unpaid Kim Derespini
Emtron EH0554 Reserved and Unpaid Rudi Breznik
HamApparel.com NH0266 Reserved and Unpaid Clint Barker
Hi-Q Amateur Radio Products NH0214 Reserved and Unpaid Jim "Woody" Woodhams
Magnets & More BA0475 Reserved and Unpaid Claudette Bettencourt
Pacific Antenna NH0245 Reserved and Unpaid James Bennett
RFSpace, Inc. EH0508 Reserved and Unpaid Pieter Ibelings
Rabbit Laser USA EH0502 Reserved and Unpaid Raymond L Scott
SATERN SA0350 Reserved and Unpaid Peggy Mcnary
SSB Electronic GmbH EH0516 Reserved and Unpaid Andreas Peddinghaus
Startek-USA.com NH0170 Reserved and Unpaid Hufft Fred
Storm Copper Components NH0169 Reserved and Unpaid Charles Tracy Carter
Storm Impulse Inc EH0571 Reserved and Unpaid Jonathan Firestone
Turbo Tuner NH0171 Reserved and Unpaid William Kantz
Universal PC EH0629 Reserved and Unpaid James Montanus
www.n6bt.com NH0222 Reserved and Unpaid Tom Schiller
Total Booths: 502   Unique Vendors: 261
Paid: 460   Unpaid: 24   Available: 18

Keep in mind this list is updated and maintained by the Hamvention® staff, and could reflect data from previous years. We will do our best to update the information on a regular basis as it is published. Updates will also be posted on the number of published vendors booth allocations as well.

Indoor Vendors
DateBooths Allocated
May 15 502 Booths: 261 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 460  Unpaid: 24  Available: 18
May 14 502 Booths: 262 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 454  Unpaid: 31  Available: 17
May 13 502 Booths: 264 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 453  Unpaid: 34  Available: 15
May 12 502 Booths: 264 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 453  Unpaid: 34  Available: 15
May 11 502 Booths: 263 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 452  Unpaid: 35  Available: 15
May 9 502 Booths: 264 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 447  Unpaid: 39  Available: 16
May 8 502 Booths: 266 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 445  Unpaid: 45  Available: 12
May 7 502 Booths: 271 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 441  Unpaid: 54  Available: 7
May 6502 Booths: 272 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 441  Unpaid: 55  Available: 6
May 4502 Booths: 272 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 441  Unpaid: 55  Available: 6
May 3502 Booths: 271 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 442  Unpaid: 52  Available: 8
May 2502 Booths: 271 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 442  Unpaid: 52  Available: 8
May 1502 Booths: 271 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 425  Unpaid: 69  Available: 8
April 30502 Booths: 270 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 424  Unpaid: 69  Available: 9
April 28502 Booths: 270 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 424  Unpaid: 69  Available: 9
April 27502 Booths: 269 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 420  Unpaid: 72  Available: 10
April 24502 Booths: 270 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 413  Unpaid: 80  Available: 9
April 20502 Booths: 270 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 408  Unpaid: 85  Available: 9
April 17502 Booths: 270 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 403  Unpaid: 90  Available: 10
April 13502 Booths: 268 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 401  Unpaid: 91  Available: 10
April 11502 Booths: 268 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 401  Unpaid: 91  Available: 10
April 7502 Booths: 266 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 383  Unpaid: 107  Available: 12
April 6502 Booths: 266 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 383  Unpaid: 107  Available: 12
April 3502 Booths: 267 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 373  Unpaid: 125  Available: 4
March 29502 Booths: 267 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 353  Unpaid: 144  Available: 5
March 27502 Booths: 268 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 319  Unpaid: 182  Available: 1
March 21502 Booths: 269 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 284  Unpaid: 217  Available: 1
March 16497 Booths: 267 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 227  Unpaid: 270  Available: 0
March 10497 Booths: 264 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 173  Unpaid: 322  Available: 2
March 4497 Booths: 265 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 131  Unpaid: 365  Available: 1
Feb 27497 Booths: 265 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 91  Unpaid: 406  Available: 0
Feb 24497 Booths: 263 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 91  Unpaid: 404  Available: 2
Feb 17497 Booths: 259 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 71  Unpaid: 419  Available: 7
Feb 13497 Booths: 259 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 50  Unpaid: 444  Available: 9
Feb 10497 Booths: 260 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 44  Unpaid: 444  Available: 9
Feb 6497 Booths: 261 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 44  Unpaid: 445  Available: 8
Jan 30497 Booths: 261 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 44  Unpaid: 445  Available: 8
Jan 24497 Booths: 260 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 7  Unpaid: 481  Available: 9
Jan 17497 Booths: 260 Unique Vendors  -  Paid: 5  Unpaid: 482  Available: 10