1/2 watt Resistors

Package of 10 Pieces

Values Available:

  • 1 ohm Carbon Film Resistor (Brown-Black-Gold-Gold)
  • 22 ohm Carbon Film Resistor (Red-Red-Black-Gold)
  • 22 ohm Metal Film Resistor (Red-Red-Black-Gold)
  • 43 ohm Carbon Film Resistor (Yellow-Violet-Black-Gold)
  • 43 ohm Metal Film Resistor (Yellow-Violet-Black-Gold)
  • 68 ohm Carbon Film Resistor (Blue-Gray-Black-Gold)
  • 68 ohm Metal Film Resistor (Blue-Gray-Black-Gold)
  • 100 ohm Carbon Film Resistor (Brown-Black-Brown-Gold)
  • 120 ohm Carbon Film Resistor (Brown-Red-Brown-Gold)
  • 150 ohm Metal Film Resistor (Brown-Green-Brown-Gold)
  • 180 ohm Metal Film Resistor (Brown-Gray-Brown-Gold)
  • 200 ohm Carbon Film Resistor (Red-Black-Brown-Gold)
  • 220 ohm Carbon Film Resistor (Red-Red-Brown-Gold)
  • 220 ohm Metal Film Resistor (Red-Red-Brown-Gold)
  • 240 ohm Metal Film Resistor (Red-Yellow-Brown-Gold)
  • 270 ohm Carbon Film Resistor (Red-Violet-Brown-Gold)
  • 330 ohm Carbon Film Resistor (Orange-Orange-Brown-Gold)
  • 330 ohm Metal Film Resistor (Orange-Orange-Brown-Gold)
  • 390 ohm Carbon Film Resistor (Orange-White-Brown-Gold)
  • 390 ohm Metal Film Resistor (Orange-White-Brown-Gold)
  • 470 ohm Carbon Film Resistor (Yellow-Violet-Brown-Gold)
  • 470 ohm Metal Film Resistor (Yellow-Violet-Brown-Gold)
  • 510 ohm Carbon Film Resistor (Green-Brown-Brown-Gold)
  • 510 ohm Metal Film Resistor (Green-Brown-Brown-Gold)
  • 560 ohm Metal Film Resistor (Green-Blue-Brown-Gold)
  • 1K ohm Carbon Film Resistor (Brown-Black-Red-Gold)
  • 2.2K ohm Carbon Film Resistor (Red-Red-Red-Gold)

Carbon composition resistors are the most common type of resistors due to their relative low cost and great reliability. Carbon composition resistors use a solid block of material made from carbon powder, an insulating ceramic, and a binder material. The resistance is controlled by varying the ratio of carbon to the filler materials. The carbon composition in the resistor is affected by environmental conditions, especially humidity, and tends to change in resistance over time. For this reason, carbon composition resistors have a poor resistance tolerance, typically only 5%. In contrast to their poor tolerances, carbon composition resistors have a good frequency response making them an option for high-frequency applications.

Carbon Film Resistors

carbon film resistor

Carbon film resistors use a thin layer of carbon on top of an insulating rod that is cut to form a narrow, long resistive path. By controlling the length of the path and its width, the resistance can be precisely controlled with tight tolerances. However, their frequency response is much worse than Carbon Composition Resistors due to the inductance and capacitance caused by the resistive path cut into the film.

Metal Film Resistors

metal film resistor

Metal Film Resistors are becoming one of the more common axial resistor types used today. Very similar in construction to carbon film resistors, with the main difference being the use of a metal alloy as the resistive material rather than carbon.
The metal alloy used, typically a nickel-chromium alloy provides tighter resistance tolerances than carbon film resistors with tolerances. Metal film resistors are low noise, and stable with little resistance change due to temperature and applied voltage. When available, we offer Metal Film Resistors at no additional cost.


  • Temperature Range of -55°C ~ +155°C
  • ±5% Tolerance
  • Tin coated annealed copper wire

Package of 10 Pieces
Bulk packaged for larger quantities

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1/2 watt Resistors

  • Package of 10 Pieces

  • Product Code: RES-1/2W (10 pieces)
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