These 10mm 4-pin solderless clip-on couplers allow you to easily connect two 10mm RGB LED strip lights together or to L, T or X shaped PCB joiners. Designed specifically for use with 10mm 4 conductor RGB LED strips clipping on to the top of the PCB strip to make a secure connection. Use these for extra-long runs or to cut out bad chip segments. Open the tops of the connectors, insert the strips, then close the tops and it's done. 10mm 4-wire strips are normally used with RGB color changing strip lights.


10mm 4-pin for 5050 RGB LED strip light
Connects Strip-to-strip, or strip-to-L, T or X shaped adapters
No soldering required
Color: White
Material: Plastic


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10mm RGB Solderless Clip-On Connector

  • for RGB LED Srips

  • Product Code: 10mm 5050 LED Ribbon Joiner
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