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  • Automatic Color Change LED

5mm RGB Auto Color Change (Fast) LED

Apply Power - LED Will Change Colors Automatically

This LED is unique in that it will automatically change colors when power is applied.


Model: RGBC601-08 - Auto Color Change RGB LED
Luminous Intensity: 3,200mcd
Viewing Angle: 60°
Forward Voltage: 2.9v - 3.1v
Typical Voltage: 3.0v
Typical Forward Current: 20mA

Powering Your LED

Each model of LED has specific optimal voltage requirements. The optimal voltage is known as the Forward Voltage (Vf). When purchasing LEDs, the vendor should supply the Forward Voltage specification, which is used to determine the current limiting resistor requirement.

We offer a full range of 1/4 and 1/2 watt resistors. If you require assistance calculating the series dropping resistor, visit our Dropping Resistor Calculator. You can supply power and LED information for a single LED and multiple LEDs in series circuits.

For this LED, the specifications are:

LED Model: RGBC601-08
Forward Voltage (Vf): 3.0v @ 20mA (0.02A)
Supply Voltage (Battery)
3.3 V
5 V
9 V
12 V
Series Current
Limiting Resistor Value
15 ohm
1/4 watt
110 ohm
1/4 watt
330 ohm
1/4 watt
470 ohm
1/2 watt
LED Dropping Resistor Circuit

Series Dropping Resistor

The selection of the series dropping resistor in your circuit will ensure the longevity of your LED. Without the dropping resistor, your LED will have a drastically shorter life. From the chart above, match the desired power supply voltage, and the necessary dropping resistor value is listed.

Multiple LEDs in Series

LEDs can also operate with several units in series. This enables more efficient operation and lower component requirements. See our Dropping Resistor Calculator information to aid in calculating the necessary dropping resistor for multiple LEDs in series.


Package of 10 Pieces
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Automatic Color Change LED

Package of 10 Pieces
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