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Adhesive Wall Hanger Hook Set

Set of Five 6cm x 6cm Hooks

A convenient, transparent self-adhesive wall hook for any need where you need to hang something. Easily attaches to non-porous surfaces such as glass, ceramic tiles, stainless steel, smooth metal appliances like fridges. Not recommended for use on painted walls.

Use for applications such as securing crafts, decorations, utensils, or brushes in the kitchen, bathroom family rooms, or workshop. Great for towels, keychain, ornaments, holiday decorations, or any other light widgets.

It is constructed of PVC plastic and measures 6cm x 6cm (2.4-inch x 2.4inch) with a 2cm (3/4-inch) hook.

The transparent base has a self-adhesive, which is reusable, is waterproof, and leaves no marks on removal.

Simple Installation

Easy to apply

  1. Clean the surface and dry of any contaminants such as oil, grease, or water
  2. Remove the protective foil on the back and apply it to a smooth surface
  3. Pressing the hook-base securely, removing any air bubbles
  4. Allow the adhesive to bond to the surface for 24 hours before hanging anything on the hook. Great for loads of up to 4kg (8 lbs).

Clean and Reuse

The adhesive wall hanger is renewable allowing for its reuse several times. Simply:

  1. Carefully remove the patch from where it was installed and under warm running water, clean any contaminants from the adhesive area
  2. Gently dry the patch with a warm (not hot) hairdryer

Package of 5 Pieces

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Adhesive Wall Hanger Hook Set

Set of Five 6cm x 6cm Hooks
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