Arduino Nano v3

I/O and Wireless Expansion Shield

Arduino Nano V3 I/O Wireless Expansion Shield is specifically designed to allow easy connection between Nano and many other popular wireless devices. It expands the Arduino Nano controller to link those devices in a simple manner. Follows the Arduino Nano v3.x pinout.

Wireless modules slots available for:

  • xBee wireless modules
  • nRF24L01 RF radio modules
  • ESP8266 wifi IoT board
  • APC220 Wireless RF Modules
  • HC-06 bluetooth modules
  • I2C slot for OLED Display or  IMU sensor

This expansion shield also provides:

  • 14 I/O Pin (GND, 5V power and signal)
  • 8 analog Pin ( GND, 5V power and signal)
  • DC-power  Vin:  6-12V

Please note: Arduino Nano is not included

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Arduino Nano v3 I/O and Wireless Shield

  • I/O and Wireless Shield

  • Product Code: Arduino Nano I/O & Wireless Shield
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  • $4.95 USD

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