5m EL Wire Set with Controller

Available in White, Red, Blue, Green, and Purple

EL wire, also known as Electroluminescent wire, is a thin wire coated with a phosphor which glows in a full 360 degrees producing an unbroken illumination when power is applied. They are a low current device for energy saving and have a long life.

EL wire is a flexible thin tube, can be easily bent and molded to different angles and designs and is excellent for costumes (Halloween), decorations, car lighting, parties, around a bar – the options are limitless.

The power supply for the EL wire is a small inverter powered by 2 AA batteries which you supply. Each inverter can run up to 5m of EL wire and lasts approximately 10 hours.

The button on the controller selects a solid, slow or fast blink mode. There's a removable cover on the back. Each set comes with a 2.5mm pitch JST connector for quick connects.

Note: The EL inverter requires a load (an EL wire) connected. Failure to have an EL wire connected could damage the inverter. The inverter produces a slight hum of about 2,000 Hz during operation.

The EL Wire Set includes the controller unit (which uses two user-supplied AA batteries) and a continuous 5m length of EL wire. Available in White, Red, Blue, Green, or Purple.

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5m EL Wire Set Available In Different Colors

  • Complete with Controller

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