Ultimarc Playstation 2 Adaptor

Playstation 1-2 Control Adaptor

NOS (New Old Stock): Only one unit available.

The Playstation Adaptor converts the output from the I-PAC (must be in PS/2 keyboard mode) into PS commands. The controls connected to the I-PAC emulate the controls on the Playstation controller as shown in the tables below. Important Note: The PS controller contains some analog controls, and your arcade control panel has switch-type controls. This means that pressing each switch simulates the analog control being pushed hard across. Some games (flight sims for example) cannot be played with switch-type controls.

Note: This adaptor works only with pre-2015 I-PAC boards with the PS/2 interface cable. This adaptor can also be used with a keyboard. 

See Ultimarc for more details.

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Ultimarc Playstation 2 Adaptor

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