Silicon Bridge Rectifier

Model 2W10

  • Max. Average Forward Rectified Current 2A
  • Max. Recurrent Peak Reverse Voltage 1000V
  • Max. RMS Bridge Input Voltage 700V
  • Max. DC Blocking Voltage 1000V
  • Operating Temperature Range -55-125°C
  • Pitch Distance 5mm/ 0.2"
  • Terminal Size 0.8 x 33mm/ 0.03" x 1.3"(D*Max.L)
  • Dimension 9 x 8mm/ 0.35" x 0.31" (D*T)
  • Material Plastic, Resin, Metal
  • Color Black, Silver Tone
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Bridge Rectifier (2W10M 1000V 2A)

  • Product Code: 2W10M 1000V 2A Bridge Rectifier
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $0.35 USD

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