High power LEDs are used in an ever-widening range of applications because of their advantages over conventional lighting sources. Among those LED advantages are higher efficiency, longer lifetime, and improved reliability. However, these high-output LEDs produce more heat than traditional LEDs.
1W High Power LED Driver

STAR LEDs lifetime is reduced when it operates above its operating temperature range. Irreparable damage occurs when the junction temperature exceeds a certain point. It is imperative to control and maintain a maximum forward current to minimize extra current being dissipated as heat.

The 1 watt driver has been designed to limit the maximum current delivered to the LED circuit through a constant-current step down driver setup which will control and maintain your high power LED(s).

The driver will limit the current to 285mA (+/- 10%), with a Ripple Current of 4mA RMS, 26mA p-p. Absolute maximum input voltage is 24v DC with a recommended input of 7-16v DC.

1W High Power LED Driver Hookup

The driver is capable of running from one to three high power LEDs connected in series.
Instruction and Reference Guide is available for reference giving more product details along with connection information.

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1W High Power LED Driver

  • Constant Current Driver

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