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Constant current STAR LED driver for 3watt devices. Limits output current to approximately 650-700mA necessary for safe operation of 3watt STAR LED devices.

Input voltage is applied to pins on bottom, which fit into a standard MR16 lamp holder, or can be unsoldered and connection wires attached. Output is through the top wires, with the pinkish/red lead for positive while the negative is the solid white wire.

Output LEDs can be wired in series up to three pieces (see diagram attached).

For one LED, apply a minimum of 7v DC
For two LEDs in series, apply a minimum of 11v DC
For three LEDs in series, apply a minimum of 15v DC

Note: Lower input voltage can be applied and LEDs will still be limited to a maximum of 650-700mA but the output current will drop off resulting in less illumination from the LEDs.

The board is designed to take input power in AC or DC, which is unique to this design due to the full-wave bridge rectifier incorporated on the PCB design.

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Mini 3 Watt High Power LED Driver

  • Constant Current Driver

  • Product Code: Driver-3W-Mini
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