4 LED RGB Display

Note: This item is no longer available. It has been replaced by a pre-built, fully tested module available in up to 20 module strings at a much less expensive rate. Have a look at our RGB Quad LED Module or our RGB Dual LED Module.

Holds four Piranha RGB LEDs on a compact
1 7/8” (48mm) diameter board. Designed to fit into standard MR16 down light frames (12v 50W halogen frames) and holds four Super Flux / Piranha 4-pin LEDs, an exclusive unique feature of our board.

Shown is the LED MR16 RGB bare board and also the board loaded with RGB SuperFlux Piranha LEDs.

The MR16 RGB board has three separate inputs, with each input controlling a separate color element of the LEDs (there is a Red, Green and Blue input). This allows for color mixing functions, such as with the LED Rainbow controller.

The board is configured to use Common Anode Piranha LEDs which are included.

For more information and technical details on the LED MR16 RGB, please visit our Support Site.

Kit includes the PC board, four RGB LEDs and 12 resistors ready for a 12v to 15v system.

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LED MR16RGB: 4-LED RGB MR16 Display Kit

  • Replacement Model Available!

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