RGB Dual LED Module

Each Module Has Two RGB LEDs

Two high-intensity RGB LEDs mounted on a module measuring 1.75" long x 0.5" wide x 0.15" tall (45mm long x 13mm wide x 3.5mm tall). Modules are separated by 3.5” (91mm) of connection wire in strings up to 10 modules long.

Modules have a single 3mm mounting hole allowing for convenient mounting options.

Modules are available individually or in strings of up to 10 modules pre-connected.

LED output color Red at an intensity of 3,800mcd, Green at an intensity of 6,200mcd and Blue at an intensity of 4,000mcd all with a viewing angle of 120 degrees. Power input is 12v-15v DC at a working current of 18mA (at 12v) per color on each module.

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RGB Dual LED Module

  • Product Code: MOD-DUAL-RGB
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $3.25 USD

  • 3 or more $3.00 USD
  • 5 or more $2.90 USD
  • 7 or more $2.75 USD
  • 10 or more $2.50 USD
  • 25 or more $2.00 USD

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