• IR (940nm) High Power LED 1 watt

This 1W high power LED generates IR (Infrared) light at a frequency of 940nm, perfect for applications such as night vision and security applications. Perfect for automotive, industrial, home and hobby applications. Not only are they bright, they also consume a fraction of power making them extremely energy efficient. The high power LED is mounted onto an aluminum heat sink. Simply connect the large + and - pads on the heat sink to enable the LED.

Model: IR-1W-120-01 - IR Infrared
Color Frequency: 940nm (IR Infrared)
Luminous Intensity: 65-80mW
Viewing Angle: 120°
Radiation Pattern: Lambertian
Forward Voltage: 1.5v - 1.7v
Typical Voltage: 1.6v
Typical Forward Current: 350mA
Maximum Pulse Current: 500mA
Style: 1watt STAR Configuration


As with any high-intensity lighting device, please wear eye protection when using these LEDs.

For more information and technical details on our complete LED product line, please visit our Support Site.

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IR (940nm) High Power LED - 1 watt

  • 940nm IR Output

  • Product Code: IR-1W-120-01
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  • $2.75 USD

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