1.5V Alkaline Button Cell Battery

Frequent Uses: LED projects, LED lighting, watches, calculators, toys, car alarm, cameras, remote controls
Diameter: 11.6mm
Height: 5.4 mm

Shape: button cell
Equivalence: Energizer A76, Duracell PX76A/76A, Vinnic L1154, Renata LR44, Maxell LR44/AG13, Sony A76/LR44, Kodak KA76, Panasonic LR44, Ultralast UL76A, Varta V13GA, Phillips A76, GP LR44, Tenergy AG13, UCAR A76, Mallory LR44, Berec BLR44, Chateau AG13, CNB G13A, Rayovac A76-1, EXELL A76, Eveready A76, NEDA 1166A, IEC: LR44, ​LR44 Watch, KA76, LR44 Coin, 357A, L1154 Alkaline Cell, PX76, 675A, WCLR44 Alkaline, LR44 1.5V, LR44 Button Cell, LR44 Soda Button Cell, L1154, LR44, 675PK, L1154H, WCLR44 Button Cell, A76 RW82, FM28F, LR44W, GPA76 Alkaline Cell​
Type: Alkaline
Voltage: 1.5V

CR2032 LR41, 392 Battery Cross Reference Chart

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LR44 1.5V Alkaline Button Cell Battery

  • Package of 5 Pieces

  • Product Code: BATTERY: LR44 x 5
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $0.80 USD

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