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  • PCI Parallel Printer Port

Parallel-PCI (PCI 1 port EPP)

One Port Parallel PCI card (Enhanced Parallel Port)

Lava Computer:

The LAVA Parallel-PCI, when it came to market, was the first parallel PCI port card in the world. Fully PCI compliant, it takes advantage of the speed and easy configuration of the PCI bus. When it appeared, it almost tripled the speed benchmarks of ISA-bus parallel port cards, while offering greater flexibility for configuration. Users were no longer restricted to the three standard parallel port addresses: the Parallel-PCI would automatically select a free address and IRQ during installation, virtually eliminating user error and resource conflicts.

The Parallel PCI’s strength lies in its Moko ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit). This chip consolidates a number of separate components into one chip, and is only available on LAVA products. Adding efficiency in manufacture, this card virtually eliminates any possibility of component failure.


  • Adds one PCI bus 25-pin Enhanced (EPP) Parallel Port to any PCI-equipped PC
  • Up to 3x FASTER than standard ISA or legacy motherboard ports
  • O/S automatically selects next available IRQ and LPT address
  • Easy Plug and Play installation
  • Backwards compatible with legacy parallel port peripherals
  • Software configurable for standard ISA LPT (0278h and 0378h) addresses
  • Ideal interface for any parallel port devices: Zip or compatible drives, parallel scanners, laser printers, external CD drives, etc.

This unit is very handy when you need to add a standard Parallel Printer Port to your PC for controlling devices such as a CNC.

Pulled from a working system and should be considered as used.

Note: This unit was acquired in a reseller bankruptcy sale as a clear-out and is sold as-is. 

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PCI Parallel Printer Port

PCI Interface To Parallel Printer Port
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