$750 Product Review Contest

$750 For Your Product Reviews

When we transitioned from our previous e-commerce package to our current version, we lost over 6,200 product reviews. They just could not be moved across to the new system. You can help with our dilemma, and we will make it worth your effort.

All you need to do is to review products from the web site, and you will be entered into one of our three draws for a $250 online store credit - to be used to purchase anything from our online store.

For each review completed, you will receive one entry in the draw.
If you review a product that does not currently have any reviews, you will receive three entries into the draw for each review completed.
You can review as many or as few products as you like.

How Many Drawings Will There Be?

There will be three drawing for a total of $750 for PCBoard.ca credits to purchase anything from our line store.. The draws will take place on July 15, August 15 and September 15. Reviews entered during each period will apply only for that one draw.

How To Do A Product Review

To provide a product review, visit the pages of the products to review, and click on the Write a review link.

How To Do A Product Review

After selecting the review link, the review form will appear at the bottom of your screen.

$750 Product Review Contest

Enter in your Name, Product Review and Rating, place a checkmark in the Captcha field and press Continue. Your review has now been entered along with your entry into the drawing pool.

Need More Information Or Have A Question?

Have a question? You can contact us for additional information or details.