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Miniature Reed Switch

Measures Only 14mm x 2mm

The reed switch is an electrical switch operated by an applied magnetic field. Its simplest and most common form consists of a pair of ferromagnetic flexible metal contacts in a hermetically sealed glass envelope. The contacts are usually normally-open, closing when a magnetic field is present, or they may be normally closed and open when a magnetic field is applied. The switch may be actuated by an electromagnetic coil, making a reed relay, or by bringing a permanent magnet near it. When the magnetic field is removed, the contacts in the reed switch return to their original position.

The reed is the metal part inside the reed switch envelope that is relatively thin and wide to make it flexible.

Reed switch applications include security uses (detect the opening of a door) and mechanical devices to sense device positions (when they reach the end of their travels in CNC style machines. Also commonly used in adverse weather situations since they are impervious and not affected by the weather.


Total Length: 44mm
Glass Length: 14mm
Glass Diameter: 2mm
Contact Form: A
Maximum Power: 10W
Maximum Switching Current: 0.5A
Maximum Load Current: 1.0A
Maximum Contact Resistance: 100M
Action Time: 1.0ms
Bounce Time: 0.6ms
Release Time: 0.4ms
Response Frequency: 4000Hz
Maximum Operating Frequency: 500Hz

Sold Individually - Bulk Packaged for Larger Orders

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Reed Switch (Miniature)

14x2mm Magnetic Reed Switch
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