• Resistor - SIP - Single Inline Package
SIP Resistor Arrays (Single Inline Package) is an efficient way to pack several of the same value resistors into a convenient .1” spaced package. Available in different resistance values and number of pins. Pin 1 is identified with a dot above the pin – also known as Resistor Networks.
Their low profile makes them compatible to fit in DIP sockets if needed (0.1" spacing).
Maximum Operating Voltage: 100v
Power Rating (Total for Package): 0.50watts
Temperatur Coefficient: plus/minus 100ppm/C
Operating Temperature: -55C to +125C
The number of resistors in a package is determined by taking the number of pin, less one for the common lead (Bussed Resistors 101 Circuit). For example, a 10-pin device would have nine resistors and one common pin.
SIP resistor network
SIP resistor network


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Resistor - SIP - Single Inline Package

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