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Helpful Technical Notes and Information

We produce and collect a lot of information and notes in our travels and visitors to are constantly looking for that at one time or another. We will link to all the information we gather from these pages as we identify them.

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Document Title Details
LED Dropping Resistor Calculator All LEDs require current limiting, without a current limiting mechanism, LEDs will burn out. Adding a simple resistor is one of the easiest ways to limit the current. Our two online calculators allow for the automatic calculation of the necessary current limiting resistor and power rating for either running a single LED from a power source or running multiple LEDs in series from a power source.
LED Dropping Resistor Quick Reference Chart Quick reference chart explaining the value of dropping resistor needed for a specific supply voltage necessary to safely run your LED project.
Resistor Color-Code Value Calculator The color code is used to indicate the values or ratings of electronic components, usually for resistors, but also for capacitors, inductors, and others. Our online tool allows for the entering of the color code on your resistor and will display the actual resistance value. 
UV LED PC Board Exposure Build Build log of a UV exposure rig using UV 1 watt high-intensity LEDs.
Useful Facts and Information Collection of useful facts, details and information on how to do easily do specific tasks on topics such as Photoshop. We found these useful, so hopefully you do too.