Power and signal connector cable for use with 10mm width 5050 RGB LED ribbon strips with 5.5 inch (150mm) connection leads. Easy to install, no soldering to LED ribbon needed when used to re-connect LED strip.
10mm width connector for 5050 RGB LED strips
Connector Type: 4 pin female needle connector to clamp-on connector
Material(External): PVC Plastic

Material: PVC
Connection To LED Ribbon: Solderless, clamp-on
Wire length: 14cm
Working temp: 0-40C
Storage temp: -20~60c

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4-Pin RGB Ribbon Connector to Female Needle

  • for RGB LED Strips

  • Product Code: 5050-RGB-Ribbon-To-Needle-Female
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $0.90 USD

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