Our 18-LED Rectangular Illuminator Panel is built using 18 high-output 120° LEDs mounted on a 40mmx26mm (1.6" x 1.1") rectangular board with an aluminum backing for heat dissipation along with a pre-installed extra strength double-sided mounting tape.

Power requirements for the board are 12v to 14v DC with a maximum current draw of approximately 180mA.

Board contains 18 pieces of super bright white (x=0.31 Y=0.33) LEDs, each with a Luminous Flux of 7.0 lm per LED for a total of 126 lm of output. Board features an aluminum backing panel for head dissipation.

Easily mount permanent double-sided tape (pre-installed) on back to place display in small, hard to reach places giving an excellent high-brightness lighting solution. Can be mounted in automotive and marine installations, replacing existing higher-current filament bulb solutions to provide more light, generate less heat and draw less current.

Board has a short length of cable (approximately 40mm - 1.6") to a Female 2-pin JST connector. We bundle a separate JST Male cable (140mm -  5.5") to plug into the board giving a total cable length of 180mm (7") connection lead.

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18-LED Rectangular Illuminator Panel

  • Product Code: LED-PANEL (3x6)
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $7.95 USD

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