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Ham Call Sign Decal Sheet

Ten Professional Die Cut Decals On One Sheet

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Amateur Call Sign Decal Sheet with 10 Decals


Full sheet of Call Sign decals customized with your Amateur Radio call available in dozens of colors (see our color charts below for all color options).

Each decal sheet includes ten professionally cut decals in six sizes.

  • Decal 1: 1 piece. 10" wide by 2.7" tall (253mm x 69mm)
  • Decal 2: 1 piece. 6.7" wide by 1.9" tall (171mm x 47mm) 
  • Decal 3-5: 3 pieces. 2.6" wide by 0.7" tall (65mm x 17mm)
  • Decal 6: 1 piece. 2.2" wide by 0.6" tall (55mm x 15mm)
  • Decal 7: 1 piece. 1.7" wide by 0.48" tall (44mm x 12mm)
  • Decal 8: 1 piece. 1.3" wide by 0.4" tall (33mm x 9mm)
  • Decal 9-10: 2 pieces. 4.7" wide by 1.3" tall (120mm x 33mm)
  • Decal 11-12: 2 pieces. 4.3" wide by 1.1" tall (108mm x 29mm)

Note: Each decal's height is as specified, but the overall width depends on your actual call sign. We use a proportionally spaced font, which means a letter such as "I" is not as wide as a letter "W".

Your custom decals arrive on a single page and should cut out when you are ready to apply. All our decals are die cut, which means the image is opaque (you cannot see through it), while the background of the design is see-thru.

Customized decal order requires two business days for production after receipt of your order.

Where To Install Your Decals?

Decals can be installed on painted or bare surfaces. This includes automotive body panels, glass, mirrors, or bumpers. They are also easily installable on notebooks, tablets, or any other surfaces around your shack.

Decal Installation

Vinyl decals are relatively easy to install in a few simple steps. We have prepared a detailed Instruction Page with full information viewable online, or you may choose to download our detailed PDF Instruction Sheet.

Permanent or Removable Decals

The main difference between a Permanent or Removable Decal is the adhesive used on the back surface. Permanent Decals use a solvent-based adhesive providing a strong and durable bond. Removable Decals use a water-based adhesive. Removing a Permanent Decal requires either scraping it off or using an adhesive remover like Goo Gone.

Permanent Decals are exceptionally durable and suitable for years (5 +) of outdoor or indoor usage. They are durable against chemicals, cleaning agents, weathering, and temperature ranges. Permanent Decals feature a gloss finish, while a matte finish is available for a few limited colors.

Removable Decals can also be used outdoor or indoor but has shorter outdoor usability (less than one year) and many indoor usage years. Removable Decals feature a matte finish, while a gloss finish is available for a few limited colors.

Use extra precaution while applying decals to "Low VOC" or "Zero VOC" painted surfaces, as these paints may exhibit lower adhesion levels. Allowing graphics extended time after application and before removing application tape provides the adhesive additional time to set and create a full bond to the surface (up to 24 hours)

Shipping Charges - Special Rates

Decal orders shipped to Canada, ship for free (no charge!). Any decal or set of decals with an order value over $15.00 ship for free across Canada. There is a $0.99 shipping fee for United States orders, and International shipping is available at $4.99.

Remember, special shipping rates apply to orders that are only for Decals valued at $15 or more. If your order contains non-Decal products, standard shipping rates apply. The special rates are available as we ship using standard letter-mail packages where the rates are much less expensive.

Permanent Decal Color Options

Permanent Decal Color Chart - Page 1 of 3 Thumbnail
Permanent Decal Colors
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    Permanent Decal Color Chart - Page 2 of 3 Thumbnail
Permanent Decal Colors
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    Permanent Decal Color Chart - Page 3 of 3 Thumbnail
Permanent Decal Colors
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Removable Decal Color Options

Removable Decal Color Chart - Page 1 of 3 Thumbnail
Removable Decal Colors
page 1 of 3
    Removable Decal Color Chart - Page 2 of 3 Thumbnail
Removable Decal Colors
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    Removable Decal Color Chart - Page 3 of 3 Thumbnail
Removable Decal Colors
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Amateur Call Sign Decal Set of 12

Assorted Colours - Permanent or Removable
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