Heat shrink tubing proves useful in the hobby electronics, electrical, automotive, cable and communications fields to insulate connections or secure lengths of separate cables or wiring together so they do not move. This type of tubing also provides a thick layer of plastic on the outside of the cables or wires to protect them from cuts or breaks. 
What is Heat Shrink Tubing?
Heat Shrink Tubing, also called heat shrinkable tubing, is a tube that contracts when warmed. When heat is applied to the heat shrink tubing, the adhesive material inside of the tube is activated. The adhesive material then secures it to the wire or cable. The process allows the wire or cable and the heat shrink tubing to become one unified product.
What is the purpose of Heat Shrink Tubing?
Heat shrinkable tubing is used to replace insulation, for strain relief, and bundling. Heat shrinkable tubing is a great way to protect electric wires and cables from harmful elements such as water, oils, acids and other environmental hazards. Heat shrinkable tubing is an alternative to customary methods of insulation and may be used in a variety of applications.
Is installation of the heat shrinkable tubing difficult?
No, in most instances, heat shrink tubing is very easy to work with and simple to install. Simply heat the tubing using a hot air source (hair dryer, match flame, etc.) and the tubing will contract.
Heat Shrink Tubing Specifications
  Size As Supplied Size After Shrinking
Tubing Model Inside Diameter Wall Thickness Inside Diameter Wall Thickness
8mm 8.5mm +/- 0.5mm (0.33") 0.30mm +/- 0.12mm (0.01") <4.0mm (<0.16") 0.60mm +/- 0.10mm (0.02")
10mm 10.5mm +/- 0.5mm (0.41") 0.30mm +/- 0.12mm (0.01") <5.0mm (<0.20") 0.60mm +/- 0.10mm (0.02")
18mm 19.0mm +/- 0.5mm (0.75") 0.40mm +/- 0.15mm (0.02") <9.0mm (<0.35") 0.70mm +/- 0.12mm (0.03")


All of our Heat Shrink Tubing is sold by the foot (12" - 30cm)

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Heat Shrink Tubing

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