NTC 3950 Temperature Sensor with Cable

Prewired NTC 3950 temperature sensor with 1 meter (39”) high-temperature PTFE insulated connection wire. The thermistor leads are insulated with heat-resistant tubing, connections to the cables are sealed by heat-shrink, and the ends of the wires are pre-stripped. Ready to install on your 3D printer or another DIY project.

The sensor is glass encapsulated for long-term stability and reliability.

Applications: Use with a 3D printer (such as Ender 3, Creality 3D printers) to sense temperature on hot-end extruder or heated bed

Arduino Usage: Easy hookup to Arduino devices for rapid and accurate temperate measurements

Specifications and Details:

  • Sensor: NTC 3950 Thermistors with Cable
  • Model: NTC 3950 Thermistor
  • Usage: Microcontroller Temperature Measurement or 3D Printer Temperature Sensing
  • Sensor Dimensions: φ1.25mm×2.0mm glass orb
  • Sensor Accuracy: 100KΩ accuracy of ± 1%
  • Temperature Range: −40°C to 270°C
  • Cable Length: 1 meter

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NTC 3950 Temperature Sensor with 1M Cable

Arduino and 3D Printer Compatible
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