BASIC Stamp 2 Prototyping Board

The Proto-24 is a general-purpose prototyping platform used with single chip embedded processors such as the NetMedia BasicX-24™ and the Parallax BASIC Stamp® 24-pin devices (BASIC Stamp 2, Stamp 2e Stamp 2sx and Stamp 2SX Plus). Included onboard is a regulated power supply, DB-9 connector for attaching to a host computer system, reset circuitry and over 800 plated-through holes on the prototype surface.

The Proto-24 is a high quality, double sided, glass epoxy PC board, complete with solder masks on both sides of the board and plated holes along with a high-contrast silk-screen labeling component positions. Board size is a compact 3 5/8" x 5" (920mm x 1270mm) ready to fit into standard size project cases such as the Radio Shack ABS plastic project case (270-1806).

Designed for the experimenter, the Proto-24 Prototyping board provides a large area for user-designed prototypes, using wire-wrap or point-to-point wiring. All connections are routed to individual wire-wrap points.

For more information and technical details on the Proto-24, please visit our Support Site.

This item includes the bare board only. No components are included.

Components Needed To Complete This Kit

PC Board
(1) Proto-24 PC Board with detailed instructions

Resistors 1/4 watt, 5% Carbon Film:
(1) 220-ohm

(1) 100uF 35v
(1) 10uF 25v
(1) .1uF

(1) LM7805 – 5 volt regulator TO-220 Case
(1) 1N4002
(1) Red LED Power Indicator

Sockets, Headers, Connectors and Switches:
(1) 24-pin DIP Socket
(1) 2.1mm or 2.5mm Coaxial Jack PCB
(1) 1x2-pin male header
(1) 1x3-pin male header
(2) 2-pin Jumper – Push On
(1) PCB mount pushbutton switch
(1) DB9 Female PCB right angle connector

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Proto-24 Prototype Board for BasicStamp Processors

  • BASIC Stamp 2 Prototyping Board

  • Product Code: PROTO24
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  • $9.95 USD
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