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  • 5mm Red & Blue Alternating LED

5mm Red and Blue Automatically Changing LED

Alternates Between Color at 1.5Hz (90-96 changes per minute)

This LED has a built-in flasher circuit. Just apply power and the LED will automatically alternate between Red and Blue at a 1.5Hz rate (90-96 blinks per minute). No other components are required to cause the LED to blink.

High intensity LED is great for applications where attracting attention is required.

The 5mm T1 3/4 LED is the most common size of LED available.


Model: RBC301-01 - Red and Blue Color Alternating
Luminous Intensity Red: 5,600mcd
Luminous Intensity Blue: 5,800mcd
Viewing Angle: 30°
Forward Voltage: 3.4v - 3.7v
Typical Voltage: 3.6v
Typical Forward Current: 20mA
Style: Round 5mm - T1 3/4

Package of 10 Pieces
Bulk packaged for larger quantities

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5mm Red & Blue Alternating LED

Package of 10 Pieces
  • Product Code: RBC301-01
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