5mm Dual Color Green/Red Frosted

5mm - T1 3/4 Ultra-High Brightness LEDs


5mm Through-Hole LEDs: Built by industry leading manufactures, the 5mm T1 3/4 LED is the most common size, used in many custom projects, car lighting, models, and anywhere where you need low power, high intensity reliable lighting or indication.

This is a unique LED having only two pins, yet generates a Green or Red color. When connected in its forward state (anode to positive, cathode to negative), the LED will emit the color Green, yet when connected in its reverse state (anode to negative, cathode to positive), the LED will emit the color Red. If you supply AC to the LED, it will glow yellow.


RGF601-01 - Green/Red
Lens: Frosted
Color Frequency: 568nm Green / 625nm Red
Luminous Intensity: 20mcd Green / 30mcd Red
Viewing Angle: 60°
Forward Voltage: 2.1v-2.3 Green / 1.9v-2.2v Red
Typical Voltage: 2.2v Green / 2.0v Red
Typical Forward Current: 20mA
Style: Round 5mm - T1 3/4

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Package of 10 Pieces
Bulk packaged for larger quantities

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5mm Dual Color Green/Red Frosted

  • Package of 10 Pieces

  • Product Code: LED-5mm-RGF601-01
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $2.75 USD

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