5V USB RGB LED Mini Controller

The USB RGB LED Controller is designed to connect to a standard USB port available on a computer, TV, home entertainment center, or USB stand-alone power adapters.

Allows you to quickly add LED accent lighting for decoration and fun, jazzing up your home theater room, game room, or living room with a splash of color.

When combined with 5v RGB LED strips, this three-button controller allows you to 19 dynamic and 20 static color displays.

Technical Specifications:

  • For use with 5v RGB LED Strips
  • Supply voltage: 5v DC
  • Output: 3 channels (Red, Green, and Blue)
  • Connecting Mode: Common Anode
  • Output Levels: 256 levels (on each RGB channel)
  • Output current: 6A for 3 Channels (2A per channel)
  • Output power: 5V < 30W
  • Connection: Comes with a 1M USB Cable
  • Body Color: Black

Modes of Operation:

Mini 5v USB RGB LED Controller Button Functions

  • Mode/Demo Key: 19 different dynamic modes
  • Speed Keys:
    • Brightness Key (Up/Down) when the lights are static color
    • Speed Key (Quick/Slow) when the LEDs are in dynamic color
  • Color Keys: Select one of 20 different static color modes

Simple LED Ribbon Connection

Mini 5v USB RGB LED Controller Connection Details

To connect your 5v RGB LED ribbon to the controller, match the pin-1 arrow marker from the ribbon to the pin-1 arrow marker on the USB controller.

19 Dynamic Color Changing Modes:

  1. Full-color gradual change
  2. Three-color fade in then fade out
  3. Seven-color fade in then fade out
  4. Red fade in then fade out
  5. Yellow fade in then fade out
  6. Green fade in then fade out
  7. Cyan fade in then fade out
  8. Blue fade in then fade out
  9. White fade in then fade out
  10. Three colors jumpy change
  11. Six color jumpy change
  12. 3-color strobe change
  13. Red flash explosion
  14. Yellow flash explosion
  15. Green flash explosion
  16. Blue flash explosion
  17. White flash explosion
  18. Six color flash explosion
  19. Auto-Play all combinations

20 Static Color Modes:

  1. Static red
  2. Static green
  3. Static blue
  4. Static orange
  5. Static deep yellow
  6. Static pink
  7. Static purple
  8. Static brown
  9. Static violet blue
  10. Static dark blue
  11. Static light blue
  12. Static cyan
  13. Static light green
  14. Static yellowish green
  15. Static yellow-green
  16. Static white
  17. Static green white
  18. Static ivory
  19. Static pink white
  20. Static warm white

Package Includes:

1 x 5V Mini 3 Keys LED RGB Controller

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5V USB RGB LED Mini Controller

  • for 5V RGB LED Strips

  • Product Code: 5V USB RGB LED Mini Controller
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $5.95 USD

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