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AM2320 Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Highly Accurate I2C Temperature and Humidity Readings

The AM2320 is a powerful temperature and humidity sensor for I2C compatible microcontrollers. These are similar in size and construction as the DHT11 and DHT22; however, they directly incorporate an I2C interface. The AM2320 consists of a capacitive moisture sensor and a high-precision temperature measurement device connected to a reliable high-speed microprocessor. Each sensor is fully digital and fully calibrated at the factory. The AM2320 can monitor temperatures between -40°C and 80°C and Humidity between 0 and 99.9%

To use this sensor: just connect the sensor up to a microcontroller with I2C and the sensor will be readable at address 0x5c.

The sensor pinout is

  1. VDD
  2. SDA
  3. GND
  4. SCL

Pull-up resistors (between 3K and 10K Ohm) required on SDA and SCL lines. Resistors are available separately.

Technical Details:

  • Standard I2C interface at address 0x5c
  • Signal transmission distance up to 20 meters
  • -40°C to 80°C temperature range 0.1 C / % RH (relative humidity) resolution (+/- 0.5 C, 3% RH)
  • Sample rate: 2.0 seconds
  • 3.1-5.5VDC input range (3.3V and 5V tolerant)
  • 300mV output
  • 8mA output


AM2320 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Specifications

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AM2320 Sensor

Temperature and Humidity Sensor
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