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Arduino Multifunction Shield

For Arduino Uno, Leonardo, and Mega2560

The shield provides a simple solution for a universal I/O (input/output) for the Arduino boards, including the Uno, Leonardo, and Mega2560. It features many useful subsections, including 7-segment displays, pushbuttons, LEDs, and more.


  • Four LEDs
  • Three pushbuttons
  • A reset button
  • A piezo-buzzer
  • An LED display module (four-digit, seven-segment)
  • Two serial LED display driver ICs(74HC595)
  • A multi-turn trimpot (10K)
  • A port for DS18B20 temperature sensor
  • A port for TSOP1838 infrared receiver module
  • A APC220 wireless module interface (serial/UART interface)

Cautionary Advice

It seemed that most multifunction shields don’t have pins of the seven-segment LED display module trimmed sufficiently. They will likely come into contact with the top of Arduino’s USB connector. A piece of tape over the LED display pins is necessary to clear that issue.

Board Dimensions

Arduino Multifunction Board Dimensions

Connection Details

Arduino Multifunction Board Pinout


The Multifunctional Shield is extremely popular and has many resources on the internet. A simple web search will bring up dozens of articles and videos on programming and utilizing the shield. We have located one great PDF article, which is a great reference.

Informative Web Pages:

Video Tutorials:

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Arduino Multifunction Shield

For Uno, Leonardo, and Mega2560
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