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Cameo Silhouette 4 CB09 Blade Holder

Compatible With Cameo Silhouette Vinyl Cutters

CB09 Blade Holder and Blades for Cameo Silhoutte 4 and Other Models

Cameo Silhouette replacement blades can be expensive and, at times, difficult to find in-store or online. The CB09 system is an alternative design that can cut smaller designs and text more cleanly. In addition to better cuts, the blades are inexpensive, easy to replace, and longer-lasting.

Be Aware: There are variations of the CB09 blade holder available on Amazon and other sites - few will work with the Cameo Silhouette series, most others will not. All of our CB09 blade holders are of Premium quality and preciously fit the Cameo Silhouette product line, including the Cameo Silhouette 4.

The CB09 holder allows for easy swapping of the blades, to use 30, 45, or 60-degree blades to match the material you are cutting and are available separately.

On the Cameo Silhouette 4, the CB09 blade holder fits in your blue adapter from the Tool Adapter Set, which came with your machine. Your blue adapter is the best fit for the CB09 blade holder. Earlier models of the Silhouette machine do not require the use of any of the adapters.

The CB09 Blade Holder does not come with any blades. You will need to order a set of blades for the holder. We have various sizes of blades available.


Are you looking for detailed installation and setup instructions for your CB09 Blade Holder and Blades?
Visit our support page for additional information.



Which CB09 Blades Are Right For Your Application:

Cameo Silhouette Blade Cutting Angle vs. Cutting Depth


  • 45° Blades: This is the most common and widely used blade. Excellent for use with material up to ~1.5mm and requires average dragging force. Great everyday use blade for day-to-day applications such as regular vinyl, HTV vinyl, and papers. The 45° blade is the most common and widely used blade model.
  • 30° Blades: This blade has less of a sharp angle and is for material up to ~1mm thick and requires the most dragging force. More of the blade surface is in contact with the material than the 45° or 60° blades. Excellent for rigid materials like fabric, reflective vinyl, and heavy-duty materials like cardboard and leather.
  • 60° Blades: Have the sharpest tip and most effective cutting edge. The smallest portion of the blade is in contact with the material being cut compared to the other blade angles. Since only a small portion of the blade is in contact with the surface, it will also wear out quicker. It can cut the most intricate designs and delicate cuts and thick material up to approximately 2mm depth. Easily penetrates cutting material and requires the least dragging force. Use with thick materials like HTV glitter, StripFlock and brick, vellum, freezer paper reflective materials, masks, and masking tape. Blade is extremely good at cutting very small fonts and intricate designs.


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Cameo Silhouette 4 CB09 Blade Holder

Use With Your Blade Adapter
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