Digital Voltmeter and Ammeter Panel Meter

High-Current 50A with 0-99.9v DC Measurement

This compact panel meter measures currents from 0-49.9A and voltages from 0-99.9v DC through dual 0.28" LED displays. Features a Red LED voltage display on the top with a second bottom LED display in Yellow displaying current. Display range for the voltmeter is 0.0-99.9v DC, while current can display from 0-49.9A DC.

To measure the higher currents, an included shunt (50A/75mV) is used to ensure accurate readings.

Fantastic for use in the Ham Shack, on the test bench, a boat or motorhome, or monitoring solar panels.

Note: An isolated power supply to power only the meter is needed if the supply voltage will exceed 30v.

  • Display Color: Red (Voltage) + Yellow (Current)
  • Display Mode: Dual 0.28” LED digital display
  • Update Rate: Approximately 500ms (twice per second)
  • Physical Size: 48 x 29 x 26 mm (L x W x H)
  • Opening Size: 45 x 26 mm (L x W)
  • Supply Voltage: 3.5-30V
  • Lead Wire Length: 14cm (five wires)
  • Measurement Range (Current): DC 0.00-49.9A
  • Measurement Range (Voltage): DC 0.00-99.9V
  • Operation Temperature: -10 degrees~65 degrees
  • Measurement Accuracy: ± (1% + 2words)

Connection – Most Common

The most common setup for the voltage and current meter is to get the power needed to run the meter from the load you are measuring. This is possible when the load voltage is between 3.5v and 30v DC. With this method, the thin negative (black) connection lead does not need to be attached to anything.

Digital Panel Meter - Voltage and Current - Connection Details

Connection – Isolated Power Supply

An alternate operating method for the voltage and current meter requires a separate power supply to provide power to the meters. The power supply is isolated from the load and is selected when the load voltage exceeds 30v DC. 

Digital Panel Meter - Voltage and Current - Connection Details from Isolated Power Supply

Calibration and Zero Adjustment

Periodic adjustment of the meter is possible. With the meter turned off (power removed), apply a short (jumper) between test points A and B. With the jumper in place, apply power to the meter which will be automatically calibrated to zero. Remove the jumper placed between A and B.

The current display can also be adjusted through the trim pot R7. Simply apply a known current across the meter of approximately 25A (mid-way between the maximum value). Adjust R7 until the meter displays the correct current reading.

Digital Panel Meter - Voltage and Current - Calibration and Zero Adjustment

User Guide

Full instruction/data sheet in PDF format is available for reference for the meter set.
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Digital Voltmeter / Ammeter 50A

  • Dual 0.28-inch Displays

  • Product Code: DVAM-02 50A
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $15.95 USD
  • $13.95 USD

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