LED fX Displaying Sequence 23 The LED fX is an extremely simple and effective design - specifically engineered to control 16 individual output ports. Each port has an LED attached to it, allowing for attractive effects to be achieved by running customized code on the built-in PIC processor.

The unique design allows for the selection of various lights effects stored on the processor by selecting a routine from the onboard DIP switch. The processor will run the built-in routine selected and display the output on the LEDs.

The outputs are buffered through a ULN2803 8-bit TTL-Input NPN Darlington sink driver – which allows for the control of high-current devices from a single processor pin. Each Darlington can handle a maximum of 500mA of continuous current at a maximum of 50V – making the ULN2803 well suited to provide an interface between the low logic levels of the processor to higher current/voltage devices such as relays, solenoids, motors, lamps, LEDs and other devices.

Full construction information is available for download.

For more information and technical details on the LED fX, please visit our Support Site.




You will need the following items to complete your LED fX system





PC Board
(1) LED fX assembled and tested with detailed instructions

Resistors 1/2 watt, 5% Carbon Film:
(16) 510-ohm (green-brown-brown-gold)

Resistor Pack:
(1) 10K-ohm (10-Pin, 9 Resistors SIP resistor pack)

(1) 100uF 35v Electrolytic Capacitor
(1) 10uF 25v Electrolytic Capacitor
(2) 15pF Capacitor
(3) .1uF Capacitor

(8) Blue LEDs
(8) White LEDs
(1) 1N4002 Diode
(1) LM7805 Regulator in TO220 Case
(1) LED fX Processor
(2) ULN2803A Octal Peripheral Driver

(1) 4Mhz Crystal HC49 Case

Sockets, Headers, Connectors and Switches:
(1) DIP Switch – 10 Position
(1) 28-pin DIP Socket
(2) 18-pin DIP Socket
(1) 1x3-pin male header
(1) 2-pin Jumper – Push On
(1) DC Power Coaxial Jack PCB

Power Adapter
(1) 110v AC to 12v DC Power Adapter


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LED fX PC Board

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