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Built It Yourself Kit

LED Colorful Heart Display

Do-It-Yourself LED Colorful Heart Display Kit

The LED Heart kit is a very complex, yet simple design which drive 32 high-intensity multi-color LEDs in the shape of a heart, displaying various elegant and hypnotizing lighting sequences driven by an advanced microcontroller. Overall board size measures 3.4” x 3” (85mm x 75mm) with traces on one side only and a high-contract while silk-screen displaying component placement.

Available only as a kit, this design can be easily built in one evening.

Powering the display is accomplished with the included USB cable which can be connected to an available USB port on a desktop or notebook or alternately powered by a USB charging power supply.

The full Users Guide for the LED Heart is available for reference and aid in building your kit.

The Kit of Components:

Each kit includes the following components:

32 x 510 ohm 1/4 watt resistor (R1-R32)
1 x 10K ohm 1/4 watt resistor (R33)

2 x 22pf (C1, C2)
1 x 10uF 25v Electrolytic Capacitor (C3)

1 x 11Mhz – 12Mhz Crystal (Y1)

32 x Multi-color LEDs (D1-D32)
1 x 40-Pin Microcontroller (U1)

Sockets, Connectors and Switches:
1 x 40-pin DIP Socket (U1)
1 x Power Switch (S1)
1 x Power Connector, 2.1mm (J1)
1 x USB to 2.1mm Power Cable (S1)

Main Board:
1 x Single Sided PCB (PCB)


Alternate Part Number: ZC168903


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LED Colorful Heart Display Kit

  • Do-It-Yourself Kit

  • Product Code: 32-LED Heart Kit
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