8mm Super Bright White LED

The super bright white color 8mm LED has an impressive light output and a great viewing angle - These traits make this LED very unique for situations when a standard 20mA led can't get the job done, this should be the next category light that should be considered.

This size and type of led is so popular because it is bright, easy to use, relatively small, and versatile. The trait that sets this LED apart from others in a similar category is that it is a wide angle light. This means that the light is more spread out and not so direct. This can help out a lot when trying to illuminate something in small spaces.


Model: WC801-01 - White
Color Frequency: 6000-6500K
Luminous Intensity: 16,000mcd
Viewing Angle: 140°
Lens Shape: Straw Hat
Lens Color: Water Clear
Forward Voltage: 3.4v - 3.7v
Typical Voltage: 3.6v
Typical Forward Current: 150mA
Power Dissipation: 0.5watt
Peak Pulsed Current: 200mA
Style: Round 8mm

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Package of 10 Pieces
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8mm Super Bright White

  • Package of 10 Pieces

  • Product Code: WC801-01
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  • $3.75 USD

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