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Easy to use 4-channel key fob with receiver module. The fob has four individual buttons. When pressing one of the four buttons, it triggers one of the four digital output pins on the receiver module active high (+5V) until the button is released. Outputs on the receiver remain low at 0V with no buttons pressed.

The transmitter key fob module includes a 12V 23AE alkaline battery, and the receiver module requires a single 5V DC supply.

Remote Key Fob

Operating voltage: DC12V (27A/12V battery x1)
Operating Current: 10mA @ 12V
Radiated Power: 10mw @ 12V
Modulation Mode: ASK (Amplitude Modulation)
Transmitting Frequency: 315MHZ or 433MHZ
Transmission Distance: 10M (500M or more with enhanced antenna)
Encoder Types: fixed code

Receiver Board

Operating voltage DC5V
Receiver Sensitivity: -98db
Pin 1: GND Ground (Power 0V)
Pin 2: 5V Power (+5V)
Pin 3: D0: Digital output 1 (high when button B pressed)
Pin 4: D1: Digital output 1 (high when button D pressed)
Pin 5: D2: Digital output 1 (high when button A pressed)
Pin 6: D3: Digital output 1 (high when button C pressed)
Pin 7:VT: Valid Transmission (high = valid transmission received)

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Key Fob with Receiver Board

Available in 315MHz and 433Mhz
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