LED Lite: LED Light Bar

LED Light Bar

LED Light Bar Assembled in TubeThe future of low voltage LED (light emitting diode) lighting has arrived.

Innovative flexible lighting designs can be realized using LED lighting technology. Inherent features to LEDs are very low power consumption (80% less power than conventional incandescent bulbs) and virtually no heating effect, making LED lighting ideal for a wide range of exciting new and existing applications. Long lifetime characteristic of LEDs means savings on maintenance and replacments.

With numerous possibilities for LED display boards, we have created two models of LED Lite Bar boards. The LED Lite is a large 9" x 1/2" (229mm x 13mm) model holding nine LEDs, while the LED Beam is a tiny 4" x 3/8" (102mm x 9mm) model holding six LEDs. Further information on the smaller LED Beam system is available here.

The LED Lite and LED Beam systems utilize 5mm round or oval LED packages using any industry standard White, Red, Green, Blue, Violet, Pink or Yellow LEDs. The boards can be used on their own, mounting with double sided foam tape or using convenient high-impact resistant clear tubing.

The LED Lite and LED Beam systems generate more than enough light that is easily bright enough to read by and small enough to be conveniently concealed.

One challenge with LEDs is the mounting of the individual displays. We have produced the LED Lite, a versatile mounting system which holds a total of nine equally-spaced LEDs on a compact 9" x 1/2" (229mm x 13mm) display board. Shown below is the layout of the LED Lite, clearly showing the mounting of the nine LEDs and three resistors.

LED Light Bar Bare PC Board

Construction of the LED Lite is extremely simple and can be completed by the novice builder in less than 30 minutes requiring only minimal soldering skills. With only nine LEDs and three resistors, this system is likely to be one the simplest and most satisfying kits you will ever construct.

The complete instruction manual, construction guide and schematics for the LED Lite is available for download