1 watt High Power RGB LED

LED With Three Separate Internal LEDs

The RGB STAR LED is very special in that it contains three separate LEDs. With a rating of 1 watt, current to the LED is optimal at 350mA for each colour.

Each RGB high power LED contains 3 anodes and 3 cathodes. Designed for operation in specialty lighting applications. Typical applications include:

  • In Mood lighting
  • Indoor / outdoor illumination
  • Architectural lighting
  • Stage lighting
  • Signal lighting
  • Automotive interior lighting
  • and many more...

This LED uses the multi-chip design. The close chip placement achieves an exquisite colour mix even with short distances. The 6-pin layout allows to use it in almost all common applications. Allows for usage in many connection standards.

Heat management:
Applications with high power LEDs need adequate heat conduction. It is very important and necessary to get the heat off the devices to ensure the maximum light output, lifetime and efficiency. 

Current Management:
LEDs should be run with a constant current driver. Please see our High Power LED Driver Kit for a compatible driver solution. 


  • Model: RGB-1W-140-01
  • Color Frequency: Red: 620nm, Green: 520nm, Blue: 460nm
  • Luminous Intensity: Red: 55 lumen, Green: 80 lumen, Blue: 30 lumen
  • Viewing Angle: 140°
  • Radiation Pattern: Lambertian
  • Forward Voltage: Red: 2.2v (2.0-2.4v), Green: 3.2v (3.0-3.4v), Blue: 3.2v (3.0-3.4v)
  • Typical Forward Current: 350mA
  • Style: 1 watt STAR Configuration

RGB LED Connections:

1 watt RGB STAR LED Connections

For more information and technical details on our complete LED product line, please visit our Support Site.

Package of 1 Piece
Bulk packaged for larger quantities

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1 watt High Power RGB LED

  • RGB Three LEDs in One

  • Product Code: RGB-1W-140-01
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  • $2.75 USD

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