High Power PWM LED Driver Kit

Driver Kit for 1 watt or 3 watt High Power LEDs

What Is An LED Driver?

A LED driver is an electrical device which regulates power to an LED or a string of LEDs. Using one is very important in preventing damage to your LEDs. The forward voltage (Vf) of a high-power LED changes with temperature. Forward Voltage is the voltage the LED requires to light up. As the temperature increases, the forward voltage of the LED decreases. This causes the LED to draw more current. The LED will continue to get hotter and draw more current until the LED burns itself out. This is also known as Thermal Runaway.

A LED driver acts as a power controller with outputs matched to the electrical characteristics of the LED(s). This helps avoid thermal runaway. The LED driver compensates for changes in forward voltage while delivering a constant current to the LED.

Our High Power PWM LED Driver Kit

The driver board is compatible with 1 watt and 3 watt high power LED drivers. The board has provisions for up to 3 drivers. The drivers can be either all 1 watt or all 3 watt, or a mixture as needed. The kit can be ordered with either the 1 watt or 3 watt drivers.

Each driver can run up to four high power LEDs, but is dependent on your supply voltage. You can usually run three LEDs on each output from a minimum 12v power supply.

Kit Contents

Connection Details

Connecting your board is straight forward. Only one power source is needed to drive the whole board. More details on the driver board can be found on our support site. Details on the basic connection and also connection to devices like microcontrollers and the Arduino

Connection details of the high power LED driver board
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High Power LED Driver Kit for 1 or 3 Watt LEDs

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