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NeoPixel Ring Set (61 LEDs)

Based on WS2812B LEDs 

WS2812B based NeoPixel ring modules contain 61 5050 RGB LEDs on tiny circular PCBs. There are a total of 5 PCB rings setup as follows:

  • 1 Ring with 24 WS2812B LEDs (86mm diameter)
  • 1 Ring with 16 WS2812B LEDs (68mm diameter)
  • 1 Ring with 12 WS2812B LEDs (50mm diameter)
  • 1 Ring with 8 WS2812B LEDs (32mm diameter)
  • 1 Ring with 1 WS2812B LED (14mm diameter)

Example Code:

We have a page dedicated to the setup, connection, and software necessary to drive a NeoPixel Ring set directly from an Arduino ATTiny85


There are four connections to each ring.

  • VCC: Power input (4v to 7v DC)
  • GND: Common Ground connection for signal and power
  • IN: Input signal from your control processor
  • OUT: Output to chain to next module  

Each ring can operate on their own or connect in a string.

Uses only one microcontroller pin to control as many as you can chain together! Each LED is addressable as the driver chip is inside the LED.


NeoPixel WS2812B 61-LED Ring Module

The LED rings are chain-able by connecting the output of one ring into the input of another. There is a single data line. The drive protocol is very sensitive to timing. It requires a real-time microcontroller such as an AVR, Arduino or PIC.

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NeoPIXEL 61-LED Ring Set (WS2812)

  • WS2812B Based

  • Product Code: NeoPixel Ring Set
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