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SD Card to Micro SD Adapter

Adapts SD Card to Micro SD Card with Flexible Cable

 With 48cm or 60cm Flexible Cable

$4.95 USD

Metric Stainless Countersunk Head Screw

Screw - M4 Countersunk Head (Metric - Stainless)

 Packet of 5 Pieces

$0.53 USD

Metric Stainless Round Head Screw

Screw - M3 Round Head (Metric - Stainless)

 Packet of 5 Pieces

$0.44 USD

Metric Stainless Split Spring Lock Washer

Split Spring Lock Washer M4 (Metric - Stainless)

 Packet of 5 Pieces

$0.43 USD

Metric Stainless Locking Hex Nut

Self-Locking M4 Hex Nut (Metric - Stainless)

 Packet of 5 Pieces

$0.49 USD

AA Battery Holder

AA Battery Holder - PCB Mounting

 PCB Mount Solder Tabs

$1.05 USD

CR2025 3V Lithium Button Cell Battery

CR2025 Lithium Button Battery

 Package of 5 Pieces

$1.95 USD

Digital Voltmeter & Ammeter

Digital Voltmeter and Ammeter

 0-33v - 0-9.99A

$11.95 USD

Toroidal Inductor Ferrite Core

Toroidal Inductor Ferrite Core (12.7 x 7.9 x 6.35mm)

 Use When Building a Joule Thief

$0.40 USD

5mm Super Bright Green LED

5mm Super Bright LED Green

 Package of 10 Pieces

$2.75 USD

DS1402D-DR8+ - Blue Dot Receptor iButton Reader Cable with Two iButtons

DS1402D-DR8+ iButton Reader with 2 iButtons

 NOS - New Old Stock - 1 Available

$14.95 USD

Solid State Relay (SSR) Crydom D2425
Proto Arduino Basic Kit

Ardunio Prototype Board for Arduino Nano or ATTiny85

 Basic Kit - You Supply The Parts

$9.95 USD $6.95 USD

Proto Arduino Advanced Kit

Ardunio Prototype Board Full Kit for Arduino Nano or ATTiny85

 Advanced Kit With All Parts

$11.95 USD $9.95 USD

3 watt High Power RGB LED

3 watt RGB High Power LED

 RGB Three LEDs in One

$2.75 USD

Metric Stainless Pan Head Screw

Screw - M2, M2.5, M3 and M4 Pan Head (Metric - Stainless)

 Packet of 5 Pieces

$0.26 USD


Flexible LED Display with 99 LEDs 1m Length

Super Flexible
99 Red LED Strip

 Operates on 12v

$7.95 USD $1.95 USD

Arduino NANO Expansion Shield

Arduino NANO
Expansion Shield

 Fully Assembled

$4.95 USD $1.95 USD

HP Jetdirect 175x Fast Ethernet Print Server

HP Jetdirect 175x
Ethernet Print Server

 NOS – New Old Stock

$75.00 USD $14.95 USD

30-LED Rectangular Illuminator Panel

30-LED Rectangular
Illuminator Panel


$11.95 USD $9.95 USD

Square 4-LED Yellow Module

Yellow 4-LED Module
12v - Water Resistant

 String of Two Modules

$7.00 USD $0.60 USD

Blue Water Resistant LED Light Strip 5M

Blue 5m
LED Light Strip

 12v - 14v DC

$50.00 USD $9.00 USD

Square 4-LED Modules

4-LED Modules

 String of 10 Modules

$35.00 USD $12.00 USD

Arduino NANO IO Shield

Arduino NANO
Expansion Kit

 Basic I/O Shield Adapter

$3.95 USD $0.95 USD


1/4 watt Resistors


 Package of 10 Pieces

$0.47 USD

IR 24-LED Illuminator


 850nm or 940nm

$9.95 USD $6.95 USD

3 watt High Power LED

3 watt High Power LED


$2.75 USD

High Power LED Lens

High Power
LED Lens

 Individually Packaged

$0.80 USD

Dual CR2032 Button Cell Holder

Dual CR2032 Battery

 with On/Off Switch

$1.55 USD

Cable Gland: IP68 Waterproof
5mm High Output IR LED

5mm High Intensity LED
IR (Infrared)

 Package of 10 Pieces

$2.75 USD

5mm Ultra Bright Multi-Color

5mm Ultra Bright LED

 Package of 10 Pieces

$5.00 USD $3.00 USD

UV 400nm 1-watt LED (Ultraviolet)
IR (Infrared) 60-LED IR Panel 940nm

60-LED 940nm
IR (Infra Red) Panel

 Assembled and Tested

$24.95 USD

10mm Super Bright LEDs

10mm Super Bright

 Package of 10 Pieces

$3.75 USD

Mini 3W High Power LED Driver

Mini 3 Watt
LED Driver

 Constant Current Driver

$4.00 USD