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8 AA Battery Holder with Switch

8 AA Battery Holder
with Power Switch

 12v DC Power Supply

$4.95 USD

EL Wire Set

5m EL Wire Set
In Different Colors

 Complete with Controller

$14.95 USD $9.95 USD

Ring Terminal RV2-3 - Package of 10 Pieces

Ring Terminal
16-22 AWG

 Package of 10 Pieces

$0.95 USD

3 watt High Power LED

3 watt
High Power LED

 Only in Green or Red

$3.75 USD $0.50 USD

61-LED NeoPixel Ring

NeoPIXEL Ring Set
61-LEDs Total

 WS2812B Based

$13.95 USD $10.95 USD

CR2032 Battery Holder Board

CR2032 Battery Holder
Bare Board

 Bare PC Board Only

$0.80 USD

CR2032 Battery Box

CR2032 Battery Holder
With Switch

 Do-It-Yourself Kit

$1.65 USD $0.99 USD

1 watt High Power RGB LED

1 watt RGB
High Power LED

 RGB Three LEDs in One

$2.75 USD

Mini LCD Thermometer

Digital Temperature
-50 to 110C Range

 0.56" LCD Display

$3.00 USD

LR44 1.5V Alkaline Button Cell Battery

LR44 Alkaline
Button Battery

 Package of 5 Pieces

$0.80 USD

Mini LCD Hygrometer with Thermometer

Temperature & Humidity
Digital Meter

 Measures Temperature & Humidity

$4.50 USD

Mini ATtiny85 Micro USB

Arduino Compatible
Mini ATtiny85

 Micro USB Interface

$4.95 USD

WiFi NodeM ESP8266

NodeM ESP8266
with CH340G USB

 32Mb Memory

$9.95 USD $3.95 USD

NodeMcu Lua v3 with WiFi

NodeMcu v3
with WiFi

 IoT Development Board

$6.95 USD

LED Colorful Heart Display Kit

Heart Display Kit
32 Multicolor LEDs

 Do-It-Yourself Kit

$12.95 USD $10.95 USD

HP Jetdirect 175x Fast Ethernet Print Server

HP Jetdirect 175x
Ethernet Print Server

 NOS – New Old Stock

$75.00 USD $9.95 USD


3 watt High Power LED

3 watt
High Power LED

 Only in Green or Red

$3.75 USD $0.50 USD

IR 24-LED Illuminator


 850nm or 940nm

$9.95 USD $4.95 USD

1/4watt Resistors


 Package of 10 Pieces

$0.47 USD

Dual CR2032 Button Cell Holder

Dual CR2032 Battery

 with On/Off Switch

$1.55 USD