8 AA Battery Holder with Switch

Make Your Own External Battery Pack

Make a portable power brick with plenty of juice! Use eight AA's for a 12V power supply, or rechargeable batteries for a 9.6V supply. Either one is good for running electronics that have a 5V voltage regulator (thus requiring a 7V+ supply) or perhaps some motors or solenoids. Use at 12v to power stand alone LED controllers that need a 12V input.

Cells are wired in series which gives 8-times the voltage of a single cell. This battery holder box can be used in toys, RC cars, lighted decorations, electronics projects, or anywhere else where you need to have 9.6V-12V of DC power.

Perfect for portable Arduinos, motors, solenoids, 12V LED strips, etc. An On/Off switch lets you control the power right at the source without unplugging. Connection lead measure 15cm (6-inch) with a 2.1mm x 5.5mm male barrel jack. Batteries not included.




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8 AA Battery Holder with Switch

  • 12v DC Power Supply

  • Product Code: 8 AA Battery Holder
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $4.95 USD

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