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Specialty Products

We produce many customized products, projects and kits. Many are microcontroller based or incorporate LED control and lighting solutions. Several item designs are for other companies, while numerous are available through our site.

This list represents the items which are available from us to you.

Product Details and Information
Gel Cell Charger Gel Cell Charger which can be easily constructed to charge Gel Cell batteries and leave them on permanent trickle charge
LED Specifications Detailed specification on all the different types of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) which we carry. Include all 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, Superflux PiranhaHigh Power, and Surface Mount models
Technical Notes We produce and collect a lot of information and notes in our travels, along with creating informational utilities. This area is where we will keep the details. Look for everything from LED Dropping Resistor Calculators (useful when you need to know the dropping resistor values for LED applications) to Resistor Color-Code references
LED Beam Mini LED light bar holding six LEDs
LED Blinky Our dual-LED flasher represents one of our simplest designed products that is a very simple LED flasher circuit, alternating between two LEDs
LED Dazzler Simple customizable design for a controller to run intelligent HL1606 RGB LED ribbons. Great for shows and parties. Available with 1m or 5m lengths of RGB LED Ribbon
LED fX The LED fX is an extremely simple and effective design - specifically engineered to control 16 individual output ports. Each port has an LED attached to it, allowing for attractive effects to be achieved by running customized code on the built-in PIC processor. Addtional examples of the various effects produced by the board are available
LED Lite LED light bar holding nine LEDs
LED MR-16 The LED MR16 holds the LEDs on a compact 1 7/8" (48mm) diameter board. Designed to fit into standard MR16 down light frames (12v 50W halogen frames) and holds nine 5mm LEDs or nine Super Flux / Piranha 4-pin LEDs
LED MR-16RGB The LED MR16RGB holds four RGB LEDs on a compact 1 7/8" (48mm) diameter board. Designed to fit into standard MR16 down light frames (12v 50W halogen frames)
LED Rainbow The LED Rainbow is a dedicated Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controller which generates color changing effects with RGB LED lighting products. The circuit controls three outputs, each which has the ability to run an LED segment, and with three segments, is a natural for the control of RGB LED arrays
LED Spotlight Unique system designed to hold 24-LEDs in a circular pattern. Great for creating spotlights, and IR (infrared) display panels.Simple design is great for the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects
LED Spotlight jr. Similar in design to our LED Spotlight, the LED Spotlight jr. holds 18-LEDs in a more compact designed circular board
LED IR Illuminator
24‑LED IR Spotlight
Based on our LED Spotlight, the LED IR Illuminator Spotlight is a DIY kit for making a 24-LED IR (infrared) spotlight
LED TriLight The LED TriLight is a versatile mounting system which holds nine equally-spaced LEDs on a compact 9" x .580" (229mm x 15mm) display board. The LED TriLight supports three separate inputs, each driving a separate set of three LEDs
UV LED Exposure Build How to build your own UV Exposure System, great for exposing photo-sensitive PC board material or for use in an UV curing process